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Buenos Dias Boat Ride
Date: Sunday 7th June 2009
Location: 89 South St. Seaport Pier 17. New York, NY
Promotions: Thief Head Crew (THC)

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For you, it may be 'Buenos Noches' or 'Tardes' ... but for this day, it was 'Buenos Dias!' And 'Buenos Dias' it was! From finding parking right away to the bacchanal on the boat.

Prior to boarding I soaked in the view of the famous Brooklyn Bridge and sea port atmosphere. I am so glad they fixed that fish smell that once plagued the piers. The sun was doing its thing burning everyone it set rays on.

Going thru the security was a breeze and as the massive crowd boarded they were given a gift, the biggest being the sombrero. The bars were ready for business, and of course... so were the people!

The boat set sail slightly late, but with a tardy return there were no complaints. The only complaints were from the people on "CP" time that got left ashore!! Maybe they should have set their alarms. smile The vibes were peaceful and sexy. The women looked tantalizing to say the least (check the gallery folks, and form your own opinion).

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Photos By Salih A.R.
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This boat ride rocked the Hudson, sail boats, tour boats and personal mariners were out and waving wishing they could board and wine pon something. I swear I event saw the Statue of Liberty take a glance at the boat!! Maybe that was the effects of the aroma in certain areas of the boat. LOL!

All three floors were packed, with the upper deck being the main bacchanal setting. The mid floor was for cooling out and dancing. Downstairs was were the food was served, which I'm sad to report that I got none of! I was too distracted having a time!! By the time I saw the delicious edibles and got down there, all I saw were empty aluminum pans ... damn!

The bar was constantly packed. I assume that's why someone was able to slip a counterfeit 10 dollar bill to bartender, which was then given to me as change. Grrrrrr! Bartenders, please pay attention!

The effects of the bottle service and bar were evident in some of the folks antics (some on display even before ride). One of the patrons had way to much too drink and released the excess and food on the middle floor couch and floor!! In other words ... rhel vomit! Yaaaak! smile

The DJ's were mixing Soca oldies and Hip Hop lovely. I really am convinced that morning boat rides are just as much a blast as evening. The host, Thief Head Crew, were attentive too. Did I mention the burro pinata?? That was jokes! Oh and the sexy models in carnival costumes!

That boatride was BOSS! Just say the word, and I am ready to go again!!

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