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Callaloo Caribana Band Launching 2K9
Date: Saturday 9th May 2009
Location: Lion's Gate. Toronto, Canada
Promotions: Callaloo Mas

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Allyuh smell dat? It's Caribana season - sweet smells of costumes, fetes, boatrides, steelpan competitions and much more. And allyuh know what? TJJ will be in EVERYTHING!!

This weekend we headed East to Lions Gate Lounge to witness the launching of veteran Marlon Singh’s Callaloo presentation of “The Ganges Meets The Nile". We pulled into the car park and was amazed at the lack of space, people made their own parking ... and with that, we made our own too!! LOL. We jumped out the car and rushed the door cuz the cold wind was hittin' us rhel haaaard! As soon as we stepped inside.... the heat hit us like if you now walk out de plane @ Piarco Airport — level heat and rhell ppl — ladies were free till 11 and they didn’t disappoint the fellas with dere attendance. We got settled, headed to the bar and set the pace.. liming with old friends and the wiser folks along with other band leaders who were there to show their support.

We grabbed a spot close to the front to admire the costumes and at approx 1.30 ish, we heard an announcement that the models were comin' on stage shortly. Blackberry Soundcrew held us down with all the old time vibez, but also kept us intact with the up to date 2kWine soca. The Soca Warrior Crew represented in full force holding down their spot infront the stage, sporting their signature flags next to the amazing Riddim Section that was onsite. The music came to a sudden halt and as we turned to the stage like a bunch of obedient soldiers, the display of beautiful colours began.

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Photos By Jennelle R.
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This year Callaloo had 12 sections to display, the Raja and the Genie, the Lion of Judah, Bangalee and the Snake Oil Crew, just to name a few. There were also costumes themed after Cleopatra and Africa which entailed the first ever “no-bra” costume, just body paint. VERY EXOTIC! At the end of the presentation you clearly felt as if the Ganges met the Nile as all the models were wining and waving — showing the world their costumes while everyone was snappin' away.

After the presentation, the models then joined the crowd for their own personal spotlights before getting changed, and the crowd maintained their level of intensity... causin' bacchanal in de place!! The party died down about 3ish and the herds of fetego'ers headed to the car park — yuh could imagine the khaos! The vibez was well nice and TTJ was happy to have been there.

Ladies, fellas... organize yuh crews... get yuh ppl’s in line to register... we makin' mas this year!!! Visit for more information.

Congrats Marlon on the costumes and a successful band launch. See you guys on de road!

Mizz Kayz & Jennelle