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Carnival Bailout "Bottle Party"
Date: Wednesday 15th April 2009
Location: Private Residence. Kingston, Jamaica
Promotions: Oliver McIntosh
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Is that really Doubles in D' Party?

"We going Bottle Party later" or "We liming at Olly's" was the talk all day at Soca @ de Sandbar. It's a strictly by invitation party at a private residence, where folks bring a bottle of something along with a small monetary contribution. "So, are you going to Olly's party?" someone asked. Well if you really don't know about us at TJJ, "Liming is a full time job!" And as the saying goes, "We're like salt, we're in EVERYTHING!"

Around 10pm, after a couple of calls and text messages saying to get ready in ten minutes, I got another call two minutes later saying that my ride was outside the hotel. It's a good thing I had already taken a shower! "A" is for Action!! After a quick pit-stop to link up our homegirls Rachel & Denise, and find Tara some ole food (yes, after indulging in a few bites, they realised that d ting was stale and had mole on it) to munch on, we arrived at the Derring's residence in Barbican around 10:30pm.

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Photos By Andre C.Y. Choo Quan

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A quick cross check on the guest list out front, and we were on the inside. Thanks for contributing the bottle of Appleton for me guys. I got you all next year! A short walk around to the backyard, and braaaaaaaaps .... the 1st ting we see was a food tent with Corn Soup, Doubles and Phlourie (photo) nicely set up. Was I hallucinating? And even though they were having a hard time keeping the Doubles and Phlourie hot, it still went down quite nicely with the mango chutney. I wonder if they make the chutney with the same mangoes growing in the yard (photo)? smile

On the other end of the venue, was a well stocked bar with beer, rum, vodka and wine .... even the Guinness lovers were covered. The third tent housed the DJs, where we caught up with good fren Mr. Slaughter (x-Caliber Sound), so we don't have to tell you that the music was on point. In this pretty social party, some folks chose to "Slip Away", while others made a "Bacchanal" (allya Trini's have no behavior eh?). Totally clueless at the time, we also spotted Miss Jamaica World 2007, Yendi Phillips (right side in photo) with friend enjoying the vibes.

Seeing some familiar faces and making new friends, we limed until the very end (around 1:30am) before linking up with Smoke and Slaughter to head over to new nightclub Fiction on Constant Spring Road, Kingston. Yes we know it's a school night, but "We won't stop till the sun come up cause we wininnnnn' jamminnnnn' ..."

Not enough rum in meh veins and still haunted,
Chooks aka Daddy Juice

ps. Olly-Mo, please be sure to put TJJ on the guestlist come next year!

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