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CNz 2009 Band Launch 'In Full Bloom'
Date: Saturday 2nd May 2009
Location: The Solarium @ Polson Pier. Toronto, Canada
Promotions: Carnival Nationz (CNz)
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What's up my Kings and Queens? It's your girl Mix Juice on the scene at Sound Academy in Toronto, representing at the much anticipated Carnival Nationz Band 2k9 Band Launching where the theme is "In Full Bloom: Fruits & Flowers". We have Mizz Kayz on the outside snapping photos of anxious Carnival babies and me backstage, where I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to model a fabulous creation for the Carnival Nationz crew.

I arrived at 6pm for makeup and was blown away by all that was going on around me. Models getting hair teased and faces painted with glitter, feathers and all kind of ting! I felt like a reeehhlll supermodel as I got all pretty at the hands of Toronto's finest makeup artists. Since I was modeling a Lychee costume, I had a lovely pink little flower painted on my face complete with glitter and sequins on my neck and cheek. I waited in anticipation for my costume to arrive. Being backstage I couldn't see the size of the crowd on the outside but Mizz Kayz was BBMing me letting me in on all the details - a packed house with everyone up front and center at the runway.

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Photos By Kerra R. & Eljon W.
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I made my way upstairs to get a look at the other costumes and was wowed by all the sections. Boganvillia! Morning Glory! Sunflower! and Lychee! just to name a few. The revellers outside were in for a treat! "So go go go get dressed," said Jeannine, one of the designers for Carnival Nationz. I got into my Lychee costume, complete with bamsie pack! smile Eh heh! and strutted down the catwalk feeling quite confident and excited about Caribana. E Man and S.K.F called out for my section on the mic, and as I listened to the sweet spinnings of D'Bandit, Court Jester, Kold Fusion and Soca Sweetness, I smiled and strutted and joined my fellow models for a dance off at the end of the show.

The crowd seemed very impressed by this year's costumes and from all the buzzing after the show, it seemed pretty apparent they knew what section they were playing in. Looks like its going to sell off quick! What a way to celebrate!

Big ups to Tarvia, Shanah and Dwayne!

Visit for available sections.

-Mix Juice