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Connection Royale 'All White Edition'
Date: Friday 22nd May 2009
Royale Ranch. Fort Lauderdale, FL
R.E.A.L. and Top Shelf Entertainment
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No matter where you are in ah foreign, the U.S., Memorial Day Weekend is always an eventful weekend, and no where more so than here in South Florida! There are no fewer than 8 big events during this 3 day long weekend.

Looking at our itinerary, our first stop would be Connection Royale at the Royale Ranch. We have never been to this venue, but according to Google Maps (btw, this is a feature in TJJ Event listings) its out on Griffin and US 27, so it’s not too far from home base ... so we likes that!!

Fridays are always a little difficult for us to make it out on the scene after work. You're damned if you take a lil' nap and damned if you don’t. No matter, the buzz on the street say Connection Royale, so we rolling. Now if you have never been on the US 27 before, driving it alone at night can be a little unnerving. It's just you in yuh car going down a two lane road in the dark surrounded by bush on either side!! After a while we start to think, “Nah man, we have to be lost!!” But then you see the lights of civilization up ahead and then a Truck Stop on your left, “Oh horr that’s where it is!!” Then you buss a right turn on Griffin Road and yuh feel the uneasy feeling again, then you bend the corner to the Holiday Park and VOILA!!! Lights, Cameras, Action!! All the while on the way, we thinking, "This party must be cancelled because there were no other cars on the road." BUT, the parking lot is full and music jamming .... session on and poppin'!!

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Photos By Collin Mc.
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Entering the party we are struck by how almost everybody (guys and girls) had followed the all white dress theme, and there were lots of lovely ladies decked out in some crisp outfits and shoes. The venue is on concrete, which is great considering all the rain we've had recently here in South FL. It’s also a two level layout with VIP booths on the upper level overlooking the dance area. There's a decent sized crowd already gathered, mostly around the bar. Did we mention that this was an All Inclusive? (Note to self: Pace yourself with the drinks, we still have to drive back home)

The venue is setup nicely with a looooong tent housing the bar, and elevated stage area for the DJs, and a few more tents in case it rains. After a few drinks, and a steady stream of people into the dance, the large venue is now pretty full on both levels. For the most, the vibe was very social and laid back with everyone enjoying the music, the drinks and the food. Of course, the music was on point with Richie D on the set, along with ZJLiquid all the way from Jamaica, pumping decent selections throughout the night.

1 party down .... plenty to go!!

Party McFly

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