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Dirty Sexy Soca "Destra & Friends Live!"
Date: Saturday 25th April 2009
Location: SOB's. 204 Varick Street. New York, NY
Promotions: Upscale Crowd Ent & Caribbean Fuse
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Dirty Sexy Soca? Well boy....

Hmmmm... It's been approximately two months since our merriment for Carnival. It was back to the cold for TJJ NY and we stayed in for the most part, bundled up and laying low. That is until we got wind that Destra was going to be in the Big Apple.

Folks, "Spring" sprang straight into "Summer" this past weekend. Your girl was chillin' in a tank top on my way to SOB's geared up to see who name bacchanal.

When we arrived around 12:30-ish the line was down the block and it was already ram cram inside. Getting around was a bit dread because people were packed in like sardines. Oh, and did I mention it was bleeping hot!

Natural Freaks were delivering some heavy soca hits with Kerry the Drummer jammin' while the majority of the crowd was wining low low low. It was a sight to say the least. Big ups to our road favs, "Won't Stop" and not to mention "Bacchanal"! It's been a while since I've been stepped on, and let's just say I don't miss it! Lol! It was pure bacchanal in there!

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Photos By Rae L. & Salih A.R.
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There wasn't a long wait at the bar though. I guess either I had good timing or the service was great. Either way I heard no complaints, in fact there were smiles all around and waistlines keeping the ultimate pace.

Just before the start of the show, Natural Freaks switched gears and dropped one sweet reggae session. I had to hold my head for two or three chunes, oui. The vibes was just right. Next up, Trini Boom brought back the pace and madness ensued all over again! When Destra hit the stage and the crowd went wild of course. It's been a few years since she has dropped it like it's hot in NYC, so yuh done know what level of excitement I'm talking about.

Garcia was not backed by her band, and no, she did not lip sync. In fact, her performance was fabulous. Decked out in a white studded strapless top with black leggings and still rocking her braids, she belted out her hits for almost an hour, from "Tremble It" to this year's smash "Bacchanal". Of course, you know there had to be a wining showdown. This time it was because she was "looking for an Indian maaaaannn". Two Indian brethren reppin' from Guyana and Trinidad really tried to out do each other, not to mention, impress Destra. Ultimately the Guyanese fella won and even belted out a little bit of "Aur Chale". Lol!

The show ended with some giveaways and her gratitude for the fans love. Awww, so sweet. As she exited the stage the crowd wanted more, so she let it rip one more time. What a night!!