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Photos By Amiel Barrimond & Beth B.
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Erotica 2009 - Friday
Date: Friday 20th November 2009
Location: Olympia Exhibition Centre. London, UK
Promotions: Erotica UK

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Imagine a slim girl no taller than around 5'2, looking you dead in the eye whilst doing the splits upside down on a pole in 6 inch heels and holding on with just one arm!!!! This is what Erotica 2009 is all about: the outrageous, the fabulous, the amazing, the enticing and exciting...all set in the World's largest exhibition for freethinking adults right here in West London.

Set over 3 days, Erotica promises to excite, tease and explore your fantasies with exhibitions, shows, music, style, art and massage! Team TJJ intend to fully explore the world of Erotica and therefore are going to be sure to attend and document all 3 days with great pleasure! Entrance is set at £25 and definitely worth it! You get to mingle with honest, down to earth and open minded people all out for a ... >> READ MORE

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