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Eyes Wide Shut Carnivalé 2009
Date: Tuesday 17th February 2009
Location: Queen's Park Oval. Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: The Commission
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Blaxx & Roy Cape take fetegoers to the last drop

Folks this is a must do fete! We know most of you are coming home for the festivities on this Tuesday night, so after making your coconut water, doubles, roti (and what not) stops after leaving the airport, just head straight to the Oval ... oh, and wear all black!

We stumbled in from A.W.O.L around 11-ish and the fete was ram jam cram already!!! After that fabulous all-inclusive I was just a bit fuzzy, but I can tell you this... everyone got the memo on this fete apparently! Geeezzz! And doh play yuh lookin' for yuh crew, cos it was not happening ... rhel people!

The energy was definitely high in this event though. Machel Montano HD was already jammin' as we chipped through the masses to get to the bar. Yes, I said bar! Lol! Big steupssss cuz we needed chits to get drinks and it was all the way on the other side of the venue, ugh! (btw ... the chit system ... effective but rhel annoying, and the worst is to be left with chits in yuh pocket when de fete done). I got word that we missed Destra & her band already. Well is now I vex, cos I was really looking forward to hearing her sing "Bacchanal"!!

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Photos By Lia H. & Yohann G.
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Okay, first joke of the evening was me. Your girl well stylish and stepping in meh skinny jeans and sequined flapper top, and I must say my shoe game was FYAH!!! Anywho, why was I standing in front of the confetti machine and had no clue? I doh even remember what song deserved a shot of confetti, but all I knew was a blast of wind hit me and I thought I was seeing stars!!! LMAO! Turns out it was confetti floating and flying in before my eyes, my hair was all over the place and folks were rushing to my aid! We all had a good laugh and then promptly hit the bar. That was one for the books, oui!

Well as usual HD was HD, Machel put on a great show along with Patrice Roberts, Farmer Nappy, Zan, Umi Marcano and Skinny Fabulous. I was disappointed though cos I didn't hear my boy Nappy sing my song, "Go Brave". After HD, the DJ's started to rinse out the latest. The bacchanal around me was too good to ignore though ... ah see all kinda winery. Pon de floor, pon a waist or three, pon a head and pon a conga line! I think for some reason this year was the return of the conga line, for real. Eh, everybody not calling this year 2K-Wine for nothing yuh know. smile

After all that bacchanal is when we started to run into crew and crew. Oh gad oye more winery! Big up the NY crew, Miami crew, TO crew, local crew ... de drunk crew and crew I ain't see yet but ah know allyuh was dey een de jam! That VIP section was a kind medium height skybox with a few perks like airbrush tattoos and a variety of promotional drinks. It looked kinda like they weren't having as much fun as the rest of the dance though.

Well by this time, and no I had no clue what time it was literally, but all I know is I needed to get outta dem dam fabulous shoes and into some flip flops. Who sen meh? As a fete veteran I should know better, ent??!!

Well yes, these fetes get rhel high tech now ... before re-entry you say cheese into a wee little camera and you get a barcode ticket. Without that, hard luck palos.

Righto, feet comfy and is winery again! Roy Cape All Stars were soon to hit the stage but not before we stumbled over a few set ups, hit the bar again and well ... is 2KWine so nuff winery!! Heh heh. As Blaxx said, its not easy for any band to come after HD, but the Roy Cape mash up de fete with their hits. "Tusty", of course, being the crowd's favorite. What a way to end a great night!

Petite, signing out with confetti whiplash...

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