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Eyes Wide Shut Burlesque Party
Date: Saturday 25th April 2009
Location: Clerkenwell House. London, UK
Promotions: Corsets And Diamonds
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Respect Dignity and Glamour.. we are LOVING Burlesque

And now for something completely different!!! Tonight we are attending a private Burlesque Party for girls and their friends. Strict rules for the event state, men are allowed but they will have to be invited by their female hosts!! It's going to be all about beauty, feeling free and of course in keeping with the Burlesque theme ... a celebration of the fabulous female form!! No matter how risqué you want to be, tonight promises something for everyone.

'Think Venetian masks, corsetry, lingerie, hats, bustles, cloak, hooded capes, anything burlesque or theatrical and all that your imagination brings you!!' This event is being hosted by Corsets and Diamonds ( and they have promised to have a real treat in store for us tonight with live Burlesque performers, comedy, great music, fabulous patrons and much more.

In a quiet corner of Clerkenwell in the City of London we found a crowd that was down to earth, FULLY into the theme of the event, beautiful and fabulous. The ambiance was amazing and the atmosphere cool and friendly. Anything goes, and we love it!

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Photos By Amiel Barrimond
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Now we have to say, "What an event!!" And we feel privileged to be covering it - wow - all the costumes, the make up, the performers, provided a fabulous array of colour and vibrancy. We had sailors, sexy nurses, theatrical and traditional burlesque ... think small hats, glitter, corsets, basques, long satin gloves. And with VIP tickets for the next Corsets and Diamonds party up for grabs for the best costumes, we can see why you would want to go all out! Amongst all variety of outfits, TJJ found their business cards in some of the most unusual places to date (photos 137-140)!

The chosen venue was over three (3) floors . The main floor was in the middle with a slightly raised stage for the performers and the costume competition. Downstairs hosted DJ Nikkita who was pumping out sexy electro and the best in happy house. Both floors had a fully stocked bar, from beers to dirty martinis. Gorgeous little cupcakes were available throughout the night and were provided by the fabulous Cupcake Emporium ( For those not dancing, each floor had its own little 'chill out' spots, and downstairs even had pool tables adjacent to the dance floor.

We were treated in abundance (as promised) to a variety of performers, from magician Paul Nathan to traditional Burlesque dancers. The rules of tonight were Respect, Dignity and Glamour and everybody easily adhered to this to make it a cool and interesting display of Burlesque, mixed with a friends and friends of friends only approach, to what turned out to be a very special London event.

If you wanted to learn more about performing, you could book a taster Burlesque class with WORLDMISTRESS at the beginning of the night; or for those who wanted to kick back, enjoy and watch ... Kitten Von Strumpet, Effie Vescent, Mademoiselle Katerina, Frivolitease ... all adding to their own touch to this fabulous art form. Mesmerised by the costumes, the colours, a few martinis and the female form in all its glory ... we strutted off in our stilettos to the FREE After Party at a secret location. Shhhh!!

A big thank you to Monica and friends for a wonderful night and a great introduction for TJJ to London's Burlesque events. We look forward to many more nights of fabulous performers, a fabulous atmosphere, fabulous outfits and most of all fabulous people. For anyone visiting or living in London and looking for something different Corsets and Diamonds events are an absolute must!

Beth for the TJJ fam
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