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Frenchmen All-Inclusive "Bazodee"
Date: Saturday 18th April 2009
Location: Cherry Hill Gardens. Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
Promotions: Ambassadors, Frenchmen
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Sweet Soca Jamaican Style

I'm still trying to recover from all de bacchanal dat happened at Bacchanal J'Ouvert and the action packed itinerary that the Jamaican Tourism Board set for us ... touring Kingston, visiting the Mas Camp to see the behind the scenes and enjoying a local meal & entertainment poolside @ the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel for their annual "Vintage Meets Soca" fete. So when it was time to go to Bazodee "The Ultimate Soca Fete" All-inclusive, I was already ghost ... no sleep for de wicked yes! But doh worry, ah go manage, TJJ accustomed to de no sleep itinerary!! smile

We headed out to the fete at about 9:30PM and with Sam's champion driving, we reach in no time. We parked along Upper Carmel, and were on board a shuttle in less than two minutes. Stepping inside through a tunnel like canopy, the first thing that grabbed our attention was the Moko Jumbie and Blue Devil prancing thru the crowd. Well let me tell you one thing ... when you go to a Frenchmen party, you know you getting the best of the best! The place was filled with beautiful people, and I mean real HOT eh! I not calling any names, but some of de TJJ crew were complaining of whiplash de next morning!

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Photos By Lia H.
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Off to de bar, or as Dr. Ram Dass would say, "the Alcohol Distribution Centre". We were not surprised to see the bar well stocked with premium drinks and the bartenders were quite efficient with de service. An all inclusive with no wait at the bar is already a thumbs up in TJJ books. With a drink in one hand, and camera in the other, it was a real balancing act. But no scene, we're professionals and know how to mix bidness with pleasure ... hehe.

The music was sweet too bad, with Renaissance Disco rocking the dance. An we gotta give Jack his Jacket ... their soca selections were on point all night long ... playing soca from back in the day, all the way to 2009's hottest hits. We were loving every minute of it! Our boy Hypa Hoppa (Red 96.7 FM) outta Trinidad also came on and mash up de fete with more soca. Well yes, we in soca heaven now!

So music was bess, vibes was nice.... next order of bidness, fill de belly! They had a wide assortment of food stations, some nicely decorated with coconut tree branches, towards the back of the venue. I saw Cornmeal Dumpling, Corn Pork, Tomato & Jerk Sauage, BBQ Pigtail, Buss Up Shut Roti, Curry Goat, Beef Samosas and lots more. But you see me, I going straight to the doubles & phulorie tent. Yes, I had a doubles craving that needed to be satisfied! smile And for those partygoers with a sweet tooth, there were some devilishly decadent doughnuts on the dessert menu.

With my belly happily filled, it was off to de dance floor for some action. I bounce up with my Trini & Miami crew and it was pure jamishness till the party done!!! Renaissance even throw down a wicked back in times dub session in the mix.

Okay... Carnival in a few hours so we headed back to the hotel to get a well deserved sleep ... well, that's after we stopped off at Island Mas 'Wata' Party besides the Mas Camp to check out the vibes. Sam, yuh real haunted eh??!! smile Road March tomorrow people!!

Oh gosh ... Carnival come again....
L Boogie, aka de Carnival chaser!

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