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ISLANDpeople Mas "Heaven On Earth"
Carnival Tuesday 2009 Pt. 1
Date: Tuesday 23rd February 2009
Promotions: ISLANDpeople Mas
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[continued from Monday] ... Carnival Tuesday saw a delayed departure from the National Stadium around 8am but nevertheless we found I.P hittin' the Avenue, and what a piece of niceness. Everyone in their morning glory, full costume, make up did, bodies oil down and cup in hand. Through the streets, passing the judging points with true I.P masqueraders attitude to come out and 'get on bad, bad, bad ,bad, bad' and surely putting on a show for the rest of T&T.

By the time the band hit downtown to cross the big stage on Independence Square, the rain decided to jump in the mix and shower the mas not once, not twice but three good downpours in an attempt to flatten feathers and dampen spirits. But Trini's on a Carnival Tuesday??? That not stopping we at all !!!!!!! smile

The real madness start when out of nowhere the HD family graced Truck #7. Titan and Jugglers with ATL rapper Lil Jon, mashin' up the place with 2009 hit "Floor is on Fire" (Machel Montano, Pitbull & Lil Jon). I.P masqueraders went into a frenzy and stir as the song played over and over, a sure contender for the Road March, even thought we all knew Faye-Ann had it on lock.

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Photos By Yohann G. & Rayhaan J.
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Again on the Tuesday, all 13 sections came out in full effect and the band moved through the route orderly and at good pace, incident free and having a time. Who wasn't wet, wish they was... and although the stretch up Fredrick Street seemed never ending, it was buffered by the battered shrimp, fish cakes, chicken & tuna buns, aloo pies and chicken wings that were made available, as well as, the delicious food that was ready to eat as the band made movements along that stretch.

ISLANDpeople was besss ... helooooooo, it was like a mobile all inclusive fete, equipped with live entertainment, sexy people, food drinks and a 'pee pee truck' too. *lol* What again allyuh want??? The security was ever present, with some BIGGGGGG SWAT brothers and the regular I.P security ensuring all patrons were safe and comfortable. All I know is we wine we bumsees to the floor and felt a great deal of sadness as we saw sun going down and trucks starting to quicken their pace to not have masqueraders on the road come sundown. Security was a real concern given the growing numbers, but something about I.P security made me feel like I was with the Obama clan, safe like Selassie briefcase.

Even Beenie and Bravo, came back over in their TRIBE costumes on Tuesday to jump with I.P for the good vibes ... ahhhh boy, how the song go? "In de air, in de air, Island People in the air!!", undoubtedly one of the best days ever for 2K WINE, and certainly one of the most fun down to earth - "Heaven on Earth" carnivals.

I hearing all kinda talk that I.P had major flaws, but to be 100% honest, my experience was the bomb and ISLANDpeople Mas we take nuff pics to prove all the haters wrong ... nex year we DEY all over again to make a BACCHANAL in the STREETS!!

Yanns for the TJJ massive
'We run tings, ting nah run we'

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