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ISLANDpeople 2010 Launch..."Kutchela"
Date: Friday 21st August 2009
Location: Hart's Cut. Chaguaramas, Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: ISLANDpeople

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My band, your band, the island people band has launched … yes ISLANDpeople Mas. On Friday 21st August at the Anchorage was transformed into the Taj Palace. Did you know that is this IP’s 5th year in the business, yes time has passed by so quick. The 1st year they presented The Enchanted Forest, then Sahara, Animal Instincts, Heaven on Earth and now their 2010 presentation KUTCHELA … let your curiosity guide you.

At the venue an East Indian theme was the décor, and upon entry one was greeted by East Indian dancers. Then there was a little booth where you could have gotten your Henna done, which is an East Indian tradition done before Hindu weddings. ISLANDpeople was going all out to make folks fit right into the Kutchela theme and indeed they did.

The event entitled you to FREE premium drinks such as scotch, vodka, rum, beer and shots all night long. FREE Eastern delicacies: saheena, katchori, buss up shot, aloo pies, pholourie, doubles etc. The food was great and the bar staff did a wonderful job. People didn’t have to wait long at all and this was complimented by very warm and friendly service to booth.

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Photos By Kadesha C. & Yohann G.
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Lights, Camera, Action … the lights dimmed and two men took to stage and they did a skit which was based on the very popular TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The nights million dollar question was “what is ISLANDpeople presentation for 2010?” He was able to phone a friend, who had no clue to the answer, but he guessed and his answer was correct … KUTCHELA … lol. After that skit East Indian dances took to the stage to show off the Bollywood moves and what Kutchela means but in the rhythm of dance, as they dance to various chutney selections.

Now the chapters from KUTCHELA were about to be presented on stage and patrons seemed to be getting all excited and worked up. One by one the various sections came out and people began screaming out as to which one they liked or as the well built men climb down at the side of the stage like little monkeys (lol) to display their costumes. BINI (bin-di) this is the burgundy section, CHANDSITARIE (chand-sitarie) the white and silver section which twinkles like the brightest star on a clear night, KUNDALINI (kun da lini) the red section which represents liquid fire and liquid light. MORGANDANI (mor-gan-dani) the blue and teal section this is my personal favourite. TAAL (magenta) the purple section which the music of East India.

JAIPUR (jai-pur)the pink section which is famous city in India, KALPANA (kai-pana) the off white with gold highlights section, PRIYADARSHINI (priya-dar-shini) the all yellow section, MUDRA (mood dra) yellow and blue section which is the non-verbal communication among people, NAKSHATRA (nak-sha-tra) the black section, RAJA AUR RANI the silver and grey section and CHUTNEY BHAAV the orange section which gives off a wonderful aura. This completes all the sections of Kutchela.

People were pleased and then the party begins … yes people party time as the various DJs took the stage and set the party mood. Young , old, stush etc. ect. all came together and had a wonderful time. This is what I love about ISLANDpeople, it’s a fun band with fun spirits. A job well done ISLANDpeople Mas … TJJ had a wonderful time.

I am going to let my curiosity guide me...
Your girl Kadesha.