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Lava Foam - The UK Wet Fete
featuring KMC

Date: Friday 26th June 2009
Location: seOne Night Club. London, UK
Promotions: PoisonUK Next Level

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Friday June 26th 2009 - Captain's Party Log - PoisonUK Next Level presented Lava Foam with Ken Marlon Charles LIVE! seOne Night club, in its various forms and fashion - I swear everytime I have attended an event here - the bloody place looks different each time ... what the heck ... I don't care once the music pumping and there are gorgeous people around ... I cannot complain!

This has to be the earliest the Notting Hill Carnival Fete-Olympics has ever began, and this year, once the team arrives TJJ will be planning to do the decathlon and with myself doing the 1500 metre "water balloon" race tonight. All I can say is one down ... nine to go baby!! Nine to go!!!

After a few stops here and there around London Town - stopped to fill meh belly with some bessss Thai food ... oh lawd, mamacita could cook - I strolled in the boogie's location and was greeted by All Mighty Sound and K-Marvel running some groovy and upbeat Soca for the early arrivals - wetting their throats with alcohol. Talk about red wine and white wine tonight ... ah wah do dem??

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Photos By Amiel Barrimond
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Stoosh vibes in a Foam Party ... I wonder? After a mingle here and a mingle there, without even blinking, the dance started to fill out. Talk about people ... but wait nah, I really in a foam fete ... am I over-dressed in my jeans and polo?? Shower Caps, Netted Vests, Hot Pants, Bikini's, Board Shorts, Straw Hats and many other beach attire were the outfits for tonight. Hot damn ... I'm over-dressed !!! Oh well .. WETNESS EQUALS NICENESS !!!! Water guns complete with the "ghostbuster-like" water back packs were in season too. I think a toy store got robbed this evening or sometime in the past when PoisonUK announced they were having this party. But when asking a 'water gun toting wining patron', "Aye guy, where you get that toy gun from?" Soldier response was, "Daddy, man have this in their bedroom and lock up in their trunk, and bring dem out every year when it have a wet fete!, you see mi!" I say, "Respect!" WETNESS!!!! Hahahahahahaha.

The foam machine, or otherwise called the "Master Blaster Foam Cannon", was controlled by a specialist team and I respect them highly. They knew what they were doing ... when to turn on the machine, when to change the volume of foam released, the speed of the foam released and even where to aim it. That was superb! And the WETNESS begins ...

It was only about 1:00AM and the foam was completely immersed in the party while on the one's and two's were Soca Mafia, ultimate crew and crew out of Caribbean circle here in London. Dey gwaan real good ... ah mean, compelling tunes to have the patrons rolling in the foam, picking up each other, spreading their flags high behind their backs, wearing their rubber floatation devices, wiping the WETNESS from off their bodies. Is basically a "pure dry hump I wanna take you home and shag the shizzles out of you" kind of wine ... BUT wait ... WETNESS ... the foam!!! Tunes from all over the Caribbean were storming out of the speakers and nothing but pure Soca, pure winery, pure revellery. What more can you ask for in this time of WETNESS ... Dancehall? Nah! ... Rap? Nah! ... Pure Soca!!!

As promised by PoisonUK, there would be live acts .... WAIT stop the press, hold the phone, take a pause .... man ah man forget to report a certain man propose to his girlfriend to be his wife and well boy big tings .... man done get engaged in a PoisonUK Wet Fete .... FOAM! WETNESSS!! Right back to to the thing ..... live performances!! There were three - Fakekou direct from Trinidad and Tobago, was first up, singing his heavily rotated song "Pavement Shuffle". Second and with a very hyped introduction from K-Marvel, Scrappy performed his hit song "Start to Bounce". God Almighty, that was a performance! Looking at an entire crowd move is something spectacular. Ever since I was little child and I saw the Soca Monarch Finals when Super Blue move the entire crowd ... anyone who can do that, is really a commander of the stage!

Headliner Ken Marlon Charles aka KMC was the last act. Opening with his hit song for 2009, "Am Not Drunk", KMC delivered an unrivaled performance with various peaks (and not one low point). Singing hit after hit (after hit) such as "First Experience", "The Season Is Mine", "Rag Rag Rag" and "3 Miles", KMC dished out lyrical content without fail and hesitation and the crowd certainly enjoyed it - as can be seen from the patron who jumped on the stage to jump up with KMC. The patron who was constantly staring at his crotch area, as well as myself, telling the foam machine guy to turn on the foam when "First Experience" was being dished out. "WHEY DE FOAM!?!?!? LEH GO DE FOAM!!! WETNESS ..... WETNESS!!!

Believe it or not, it is only 3 AM now ... and well yes, we were informed that we would be partying until 5 AM ... giggidy!!! Partygoers were still dancing and jamming in the foam, buying drinks from the bar, as well as filling their water guns with water and having a complete and utterly wild water fight. This was TJJ UK first Wet Fete in London, and we would be attending them from now on!

Note to self ... need a bigger crew for the next one! Wheeeeeeeey....

Amiel aka Guinness Juice ..... going home completely soaked and foamed out!!
"Always Forward, Never Backward"