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Mania 2009
Date: Sunday 22nd February 2009
Location: Trinidad Country Club. Maraval, Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: T.A.O - High Fidelity/Less Than Zero and Zen

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Mania continues to Deliver!

We finally made it ... the last (and I mean LAST!!!!) fete before our beloved Carnival is upon us and it’s MANIA time. To the Trinidad Country Club we head as usual for this Drinks Inclusive fete. For the folks in V.I.P however, it was more than just a Drinks Inclusive affair. There was food galore! We talking bout menus such as geera pork, doubles, corn soup, bake & shark and not forgetting the most tasty dish of the night, the bar-b-que. Enough about we stomach ... lol!

Featuring the likes of Machel Montano HD and Kes The Band, this is a strong crowd puller for Carnival Sunday brought to you by our friends High Fidelity & club Zen geared mainly for those who wanna go out Sunday night and be home J’ouvert morning (too bad we doing both, and on the road from now till Ash Wednesday!!!)

We heard the fete was going from 9 PM till 3 AM, so we rolled in (right on time smile) at midnight to take in de vibes and boy were the vibes sweet. But backtrack a little ... one of the most important things upon reaching anywhere is parking, and jeez did we ketch tail. We had to park like a mile and a half (shoulda probably walked with our measuring tape) away on de side of de road with a random dude hustling us for some cash to watch de ride. As if that wasn’t e’nuf jones, whilst walking we passed a carpark where the rate was $100 to park!!! WHAT D HELL!!! *lol* Cudda swear they were giving ah complimentary wash and polish at that price!!

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Photos By Peter C.Q. & Yohann G.
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Anywayz as I was saying, the vibes were sweet and the crowd was pleasant. We walked around and snapped our trusty cameras at our adoring audience as they posed and portrayed themselves for us. We hit sooooo many events this season and met so many 'feteing criminals' especially in the past 2 weeks, they were beginning to look like family to us! *lol* Nuff respect to all the people who showed the TJJ crew love. We love you too!!

Around 12:30 AM, Kes The Band revved up the action with the shot after shot including this year’s “Thunder” and “We Own” and past hits like “Right Dey”. Plus Miss Nadia Batson put it down with her renditions including her big chune “Bumpers Rule”. The crowd showed their appreciation waving their balloons and rags to the music. (Must say Kes The Band is always a hit wherever they go)

So up next we waiting for the HD family, but as if to dampen proceedings and send us home early the rain began to fall. Well the ladies who had their hair styled up initially scampered for shelter, but after about a half hour we were all wining low in the wet (thank God for waterproof camera bags).

Things however beginning to run behind time as Machel and company came on stage shortly after half past two. He started us off with a vibrant rendition of “Wild Antz” then reminded us that the only thing that rain stops is CRICKET, so we sang “We Won’t Stop Till The Sun Comes Up!!!!! Cuz We Wine-ing!!!!!” (“Won't Stop”) and palanced from General to V.I.P. (with bar staff and security ... lol) with all his classics from “Jumbie” to “Big Truck”, then we dipped out around 3:15am.

The team then split up and headed to our next assignments ... some went to Vampire's Ball (a new fete) and some to J’ouvert, but I went to catch a few zzz’s ... cuz in a few hours the bacchanal would reach boiling point for Carnival Monday and your boy had to be ready from early!!

Young Simmo spreading the luv alongside d’ local Juice & D’ Young Juice

Be Safe Everyone!!!

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