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Misty Ridge Premier All Inclusive 2009
Date: Friday 13th February 2009
Location: The Ranch, Santa Cruz. Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: Misty Ridge Events

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TJJ TV Coverage: Misty Ridge Premier All Inclusive 2009

Hit Makers at Misty Ridge

Well, it was early Valentine's morning and D' Young Juice and I were making our way from U.W.I Campus Carnival up to Santa Cruz for one of TJJ's not to be missed Carnival All Inclusive's.

On approaching The Ranch, you could see cars parked from a distance on the narrow winding road, two lanes of traffic converted to one, a clear indication of what to expect. Security was most present directing the traffic. After finally securing a park, we made our way up the track where the theme was of the Western persuasion. The atmosphere was most welcoming.. Misty Ridge Crew with smiles at the entrance, tassa drums playing, and to the left, the cowboy and cowgirl photo booth. Once again, we must compliment the promoters on the the layout of the venue ..... food and drinks are the first things we like to see at any all-inclusive, so you know I had to make my way around the delicacies. Bake and shark is always a favourite ... Corn Soup, Boil Corn, Doubles, Fish in Tamrind, Barbeque Chicken, Pastelles, Roti, Arabian food and some sort of curry dish ... it's like d one two three dash in a hundred meters.

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Photos By Lia H. & Yohann G.
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One place TJJ TV had to stop was the TUCK SHOP! With an assortment of local sweets and chows, this shop reminded us of the good ole primary school days (see photo). Love the originality Misty Ridge, love it!

The vibes of the event was mostly carried by deejay music (which is how we like it), and the crowd was treated to live performances by Iwer ("We Like It") along with Super Jigga TC ("Frontline") and Third Bass with his "Obama" tune on the Coconut Tree Riddim. But the highlight of the event was our interview with Lil Jon and Pitbull "The Hit Makers" as they describe themselves, who were enjoying the night before Machel's AC 7 set to take place tomorrow. They mentioned to us that they would be shooting scenes for the "Fire On The Floor" music video on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, carded to be released within the next two months. Two very down to earth guys. (See TJJ TV Interview)

Misty Ridge 2009 closed with good music, good food, good people, a patron jumping into the pool and the TJJ crew liming until the cocks were crowing.

Signing out for TJJ,
Cass S.

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