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National Panorama 2009 Semi-Finals
Date: Sunday 8th February 2009
Location: Queen's Park Savannah. Trinidad
Promotions: Pan Trinibago, National Carnival Commission
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Pan on the Greens ... Perhaps the greatest All Inclusive

We had been anxiously counting down the days to Pan Semis, one of our favourite events for the season and always a guaranteed good time. So on Sunday when we arrived at the Savannah at just about two o'clock under overcast skies.. not even the gloomy weather couldn't dampen the spirits of us eager limers.

When we got into the sectioned off area of the Northern Greens, it seemed that everyone else was one the same page. The place was already packed with all the big crews like Caesar's Army, Red Ants, Unit Trust, and B-mobile repping in their sections. This year the set ups were more elaborate with crews such as Insomniacs and C.I.D.I FC recreating the North Stand with elevated structures. Island People even had a lounge type set up complete with leather couches, papayo! The various promoters went all out to keep their supporters entertained at what is now officially a lime that is almost completely separate from the Panorama competition that is taking place on the main stage. Insomniacs had live performances including Rocky, Kees of Kes the Band and KMC while Julius Caesar treated his army with a bess rhythm section and fire breathers. Of course, all of this was accompanied by good food and copious amounts of liquor.

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Photos By Andre C.Q. & Yohann G.
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The vibe of pan is incomparable. It's not quite a fete, but you could still buss a wine and wine we did! When you not wining you can still manage to have a conversation without competing against blaring sound systems, making the ambiance perfect for a good old lime. The ladies definitely made sure to come out and represent as always, putting all the hard work at the gym on display in short shorts and itty-bitty tops. And since the ladies love to show off and the guys love to gape it's always a WIN-WIN situation. We would love to say it was a memorable evening but that would mean we clearly didn't enjoy it to the max. The fact that we don't remember much without the help of the accompanying visuals is definitely a better indication of what a good time we had.

If you want to hear pan, that option is there too, and the bands are accessible at the front section of the greens. We even managed to be front and centre for a wicked performance by Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove playing Machel Montano's "Magic Drum", talk about vibes! We wined through the whole song! Phase II went on to take first place in the large band category, to say it was well deserved might be a bit unfair since they were the only band I managed to see or hear in between the frolicking. Still it was a damn good performance!

I'm sure the pan enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting the showdown at Carnival Saturday night's Panorama Finals while the limers are already counting down to next year's Prelim's and Semi's.

Reporting from the Greens,

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