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Party People Mas Launch 2009
Date: Sunday 12th July 2009
Location: Club Tropical. 211 NE 1 St. Hallandale, Florida
Promotions: Party People Mas

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Ready to play mas? Already know what costume you want?

It all started when a group of friends went to Miami Carnival on NW 183 Street in October, 1986. After living for several years in Florida everyone missed home, especially playing mas. The following year, a larger group of friends attended the Carnival, which had moved to Downtown Miami. Among them were five couples all of whom hung out together; meeting most weekends at one home or another to cook and lime while their kids played together. One friend suggested they bring out a band the next year. And just like that… Party People was born.

In 1988 Party People Productions produced “Hawaii Comes to Miami.” The costumes sold for $20 (Male) and $25 (Female). With 325 people on the road (a sold out band), Party People brought the largest band ever in Miami Carnival, a record they themselves beat in 1990, when they portrayed “Timbuktu.” That year a record 625 people, a sold-out band of 6 sections plus 25 individual pieces, played mas. Today that record still stands in Miami Carnival. No band has ever put more people on the road than Party People did in 1990!

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Photos By Natasha Mc.
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In 1992, Party People suffered several huge losses, including the passing of their beloved Brett D’Arcy in May (the reigning Male Individual of the Year). In August the devastation of Hurricane Andrew which ravaged the Mas Camp, along with the homes of the majority of their supporters. With a 9:00 p.m. curfew for the entire South Miami area Party People, supported by their family and friends, worked hard and long to complete and distribute costumes to their masqueraders. On Carnival Day, Party People succeeded once again playing mas in Miami Carnival.

The toll taken by the band that year and the next was extreme. In 1993, most of the homes in South Miami were still under construction. A friend, Yvette Gonsalves, offered her Kendall home, which had not yet started reconstruction, as the Mas Camp. The band struggled to pull together once again, since family and friends had moved out of South Miami to Miami Beach, North Miami, Broward and even West Palm Beach. 1993 was the last year Party People was on the road.

In October of 2007 Party People emerged as a promotion company with “Strictly Soca,” under the guidance of a second generation of D’Arcys. Throughout the following years Party People evolved into the premiere soca based promotion company of Broward County with events like “Strictly Soca,” “Soca 360,” “Socahollicks,” and “Bacchanal Wednesday.”

In 2009 the decision was made to bring Party People back to its former glory. Uniting the generations, Party People mas will be on the road again! From the “old” Party People to the new – we love you, we’re with you, and we’ll be on the road on October 11th at Bicentennial Park once again.

The original Party People – Philip, Joey, Egan, John, Francis, Anne, Kathryn, Judy, Camille and Liz

Designer: Anthony Carvalho (RIP)

Special Mention with eternal thanks - Gilbert, Lyn Anne, Brett, Gisele, Ryan, Stuart, Nicola, Dennis, Auntie Rosita, Uncle Alick, Uncle Johnny, Tex, Donna, Marc, Ian, Elena, Carlos, Terri, Fui, Cornell, Dexter, Shane, Robert, Yvette, Heather, Grace, Arden, Ricky, Sean, Bobby, Neil, Peter, Judy, Ronnie, Becky, the Tampa Rhythm Section, and so many, many more... too many to name.

Footnote: In 1995, Sean DeFreitas suggested he and Party People join together to produce the band “Legends” which won the Band of the Year title, and in 1996, Gino Sabga produced “Legends and Party People”.