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Rise 2009
Date: Friday 20th February 2009
Location: Moka. Trinidad
Promotions: Privilege
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Machel continues to promote "Wild Antz" amongst the young partygoers

Carnival Friday is here! This week was pace, but team TJJ going strong, strong (we've trained all of our lives for this). We in Blue Range, we in Girl Power and we in Rise tonight.

So we inside, and it's nearly minutes to 12. To the left and right we see bars running up both sides, and on the right hand side (closer to the back), we spotted some food stalls in the mix. All the way to the back were the washrooms, and to the total opposite end was the main stage. Anything in between all this was rhel people!

The double R unit - Rapid Response - alongside High Fidelity/Less Than Zero was on the stage pelting tune for so and then braps ... music stop. Next ting we knew Machel Montano, Umi Marcano and Farmer Nappy buss onstage! What a surprise! With HD pushing "Wild Antz" hard for Road March 2k9, as it was the first song on the agenda. "Block to Block" and "Belly Dancer" next, and TJJ had a prime spot on the stage to get the best pics. HD's performance lasted about 30 minutes, and then it was back to the pioneers ... KMC's "Am Not Drunk" started the selection.

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Photos By Yohann G.
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We managed to slip into Machel’s tent to take a drink and got caught up in a lil' small talk with Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers NFL football player, who was in Trinidad to be part of the carnival bacchanal. Coolers all over the place, the crowd thick and vibes for so.

As the hours drew closer to 3am, the fete began to wind down. By this time, most coolers were practically empty, the bars were beginning to close off and some folks had even begun to leave in order to avoid being caught up in the traffic heading out of Moka. I must mention.. on our way to the car we bounced up a man in between the cars clearly passed out drunk! We tried waking him and thought we were successful, but yuh know fast as got up he was out again! But eh, that is carnival ... nothing wrong with dat, ent?

Signing out for 2Kwine D’Young Juice

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