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Six Flags Caribbean Summer Concert Series - A Family Daycation
Date: Saturday 11th July 2009
Location: Six Flags Great Adventure. Jackson, NJ
Promotions: CCB International

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Can you hear it? The sound of the bass thumping ... or is that the sound of my heart jumping from looking at death defying roller coasters and other rides that I know will make me lose my voice? I think it was a little of both! Petite and I braved the traffic on the highway to make it to the Six Flags Great Adventure, and it was well worth the hour and a half commute to say the least!

From the time we got there it was pace, and I had only one thing on my mind ... CORN SOUP! After passing several bus loads, yes bus loads of Trini's, we made our way inside and I was on my mission for finding my corn soup by any means necessary. "Would they even have it?" I thought. But of course, they must ... after all, this is a Soca Extravaganza! At last I found my savior, a lovely man by the name of Chris stirring a huge pot of goldeny corn goodness (see photo 004). He must have noticed my big eyes because he came right over to me and offered me some, one time! And let me tell you, lawd it was good (see photo 006)! Okay, now that meh belly full, I was ready for wining low to the ground.

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Photos By Rae L.
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Petite and I got an all access backstage pass to the show, and from the time MC Wassy and Back to Basics took the mic, I knew this was going to be a great time. The crowd moved to the front of the stage, flags in hand ready for action dancing to Soca and a very special Michael Jackson set. Backstage, we saw the Lyrics King and the Lyons Empress along with their little Soca Baby, Syri. Blessings upon blessings to the 'chunk-a-lunks'! We also snuck a 5 Minutes With Trini Jacobs and Kevin Lyttle, more to come on that!

Five Thirty hit, and Kevin Lyttle took to the stage and started the show with beautiful costumed girls from the New York Labor Day band, "Exotica". Iwer followed and blessed the stage with an extra long set. He set it off by tossing bottles of water into the crowd. "The people want WATER!!!" He emptied two cases! Next he invited two obsessive winers to come onto the stage to test their skills singing one of his hits, "Ready". He made the winner wear his jacket and shades to get into the true Iwer spirit (see photo 069).

Trini Jacobs wowed the crowd with her rubber waist! Petite gave her the name "Wina Juice" and I have to agree, anyone who can wine like that and sing at the same time, deserves respect!

Bunji and Fay-ann then took to the stage and the crowd went wild. Fay Ann's Blue Flag Crew, Thusty Troupe Girls and the Powder Posse were in full effect! I love seeing Soca acts perform at Six Flags because the security just doesn't know what to do or expect. I think next year I will have to explain the concept of powder to them because when they saw it bruk out, they had a look of "Is that Anthrax?" on their faces. smile

The Asylum family outdid themselves! Bunji let loose some of his classic hits and the crowd sang along. It was quite comical when he commented that the crowd appeared to be a choir rather than the bacchanal type! Lol! Well they proved him wrong when he dropped the fire song on them! Scar also gave the crowd a workout with some of his old school hits.

Of course the dynamo husband and wife team divided the crowd in half. Fay Ann's side being the "Heavy T" side and Bunji's side was the "Banana" side! OMG! Bacchanal fuh so as each side attempted to sing louder than the other. The most outrageous line was that of Bunji saying the "Heavy T" needs a long "Banana"! LOL!

Show was about to come to a close, but not without Fay-ann leaping into the crowd and having everyone form a circle and "run so!" What a sight to see! It was just unbelievable that the entire crowd cooperated and indeed "ran so". She had to be rushed out of there while fans of every country, shape and form, filled circle jubilantly dancing and singing to "Meet Super Blue".

The show was a hit! I have to say, I was a little disappointed that Flames and Rupee weren't there. The crowd wasn't really made aware of this until the very end of the show, but love was shown all around. Big up to Hector, thanks for everything!

Ian Pantin, we love youuuu!! smile

Mix Juice ... out!

PS. You know we just had to stop at the WaWa with Reiad and Petite for road food!

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