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Soca Xtreme ft Fay-ann Lyons
Date: Saturday 4th July 2009
Phoenix Event Center. Houston, TX
Promotions: Houston Caribfest

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Fay-Ann stands up for the future of Young Artists

“Boy why are you booing the younger Soca artists? Where exactly are you from?” asked Fay-Ann. The proud nay sayer said, "Panama." “You lie, you cannot be from Panama because Panama does not have such dotish people”, responded the 2009 Queen of Soca.

Fay-Ann wasn't afraid to tell the negative fans to stop booing, and support and encourage all new artists, who are just starting out, before taking the energy level of Saturday night's "Soca Xtreme" fete to a new high.

Following performances by Jam Tyme (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands), Hunter (Dominica) and Crossovah (Orlando), the Houston Caribfest crowd was eager to get started with some serious jumping & waving at the Phoenix Event Center. And the reigning Soca Monarch & Road March Queen delivered just that. Singing crowd favourites like "Get On", "Break Away" and "Party", along with her 2009 hits "Heavy T" and "Meet Super Blue", Lyons definitely injected a good dose of energy into the fete. And when her husband, Mr. Bunji Garlin, made a surprise appearance, he set the crowd on fyah to his myriad of hits, including "Plenty Gyal" on the popular Fix It Up Riddim.

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Photos By Stephen W. Choo Quan
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Following the Bonnie & Clyde of Soca, New York based Request Band, who we were seeing for the 1st time, did very well to sustain the energy that preceded them. Frontline ladies, we loved the outfits. Also, special mention DJ Maestro and DJ Super Slice who kept the vibes pumping in between sets, and the MCs for the evening, Fire Kyle & Fatta Carey, who kept partygoers in the Carnival spirit.

Until next year, we would love to see more events at this wonderful venue which is spacious, well air-conditioned and has excellent parking.

On a side note, you have to love Houston for being able to tail gate before a party with a full cooler of drinks in trunk and music blasting from SUV to complete the pre-party scene (I had a pink sexy, NO not that woman ... the drink, new to me, try it next time, highly intoxicating).

Son of the Caribbean soil,
Original Lime Flavor

ps. For the records, the photos (135-136) of Fay-ann with her baby Syri were taken the next day, and not at the event!

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