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Photos By Lia H. & Neil B.
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2009 Soul Train Awards
Date: Tuesday 3rd November 2009
Venue: Georgia World Congress Centre. Atlanta, GA
Promoters: Black Entertainment Television & Centric

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On Wednesday November 3rd, 2009 had the privilege of covering the 2009 Soul Train Awards presented by Centric and the Black Entertainment Television (BET). Soul Train, a back in the day Saturday morning musical program honoring the best in the musical art-form, was hosted by then popular black TV personality and star, Don Cornelius. Soul Train, aired in the mid-1980's, was the forum for big name musical entertainers, such as the now deceased Michael Jackson and others to have their voices heard as well as a stage for the teenagers and or mid twenties music lover(s) to learn a few dance moves or two.  The award show will also honour Michael Jackson, who by the way, holds the most Soul Train Awards to date. Jackson was awarded with the Entertainer of the Year Award. Today, though not aired any more, Soul Train has held its place as an integral part of the development of the Rap, Hip-Hop and Rhythm & Blues (R&B) world as we know it in 2009 and BET is keeping its dream alive.

Held at the Georgia World Congress Centre (GWCC), the 2009 Soul Train Awards was ...