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St. Lucia J'ouvert 2009
Date: Monday 20th July 2009
Location: Castries. St. Lucia, W.I.
Toxik, Blue Devils
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It's 3AM and we on the road driving from the mountains of Babonneau heading to Castries. The place cold, and there's a little drizzle, but it's J'ouvert .... and nothing stopping d thing! We stopped by the Mas Camp to meet up with the truck ... the pioneers running easy as Players International and MK Sound warming up the thing for the road.

Roll out time!!! The 20 speaker boxes cranked to capacity with the Laduma Riddim playing and revelers falling in one by one.

Soyez bienvenus à un gout de Jouvert!!!

Quite different from Trinidad and Tobago J'Ouvert, their jouvert is more like a big street lime. Two bands on the road ... Toxik and Blue Devils represent St. Lucia's J'ouvert. The Toxik jumbies in pink and black, and the Blue Devils in blue (of course). There's quite a number of revelers in Red Unlimited T-shirts (kill me dead... it felt like another a jouvert band, but was really just patrons who came straight from Red fete which took place earlier), the King of Sheet (who smelling like s@#t), the Guadeloupe crew and the largest Trinidad & Tobago flag!

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Photos By Yohann G.
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Everyone was mingling as we chipped downtown passing the National bank and Conway business centre. But wait, all this bacchanal taking place and you hardly seeing any mud or paint?? Hmmm.... that would explain the authorities did not bother to barricade any buildings to prevent vandalism.

Music trucks and patrons ... and me with my Piton & camera doing what we at TJJ do best .... wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine ..... and snap, snap, snap, snap, snap ..... we like it! Taking in the entire experience, both jouvert patrons and non-revellers celebrated as one, with zero problems on the road.

Around 6AM, local soca artist Isla Man decided to pass thru on the MK truck and buss one of the biggest soca chunes for the season, "I Want My Money Back". Just imagine how the crowd exploded when that selection dropped, and by the time things done, the beginning of "Leave Me Alone" traveled in the distant.

It's back to the Mas camp, which is not that far, but I still got to save some energy for the road. Breakfast time .... it's fry bake and accra (yes, weird) and a hot cup of homemade cocoa.

Carnival round d corner,
D'Young Juice