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Temperature 2
Date: Saturday 24th january 2009
Location: Concert Capital - Queen's Park Savannah. Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad.
Promotions: Tri Star Promotions
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Recession... what blasted Recession?

The fetes shall go on ... PARTY OVER POCKET!

Saturday January the 24th 2009, a little later on that same night. Fresh off the heels of a capacity crowd at Bishop's St. Hilarians exclusive All-inclusive & and just before Blue Range Court's own main pow-wow for the season, TJJ motioned their way "rong" de Savannah just in time to see Machel Montano being his usual HD wall to wall crowd favourite suspect on stage in Temperature 2 at the Queen's Park Savannah's Carnival Capital. With that darling of a Kernel (the legendary titan calypso icon Lord Kitchener's son) staged in his spot, de man behind de man. Dah "Kernel boy" really turned out to be a real handsome class act. His father would be yay proud ah dat today ("Image, Spirit, Everyting, hah he fadda in it", no DNA needed here).

The crowd at Temperature 2 was a mix of raga meet rich, bouge meet bad mind, fashion crime meet fashion forward, up & coming , local celebrities & rising local professional stormers, crowd surfers and the newly arrived foreigners. Temperature 2 certainly was raised a few more degrees this year no doubt about that. Tri-Star Promotions certainly covered all grounds (ah think I even found more Bishop's gals in this fete than in their own stomping ground bash ... go figure).

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Photos By Nadine R., Andre C.Q., & Yohann G.
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Edwin Yearwood, "the General", Krosfyah's lead soca singer was clearly in the house (LOVE that Bajan accent). This undisputed Soca King of Crop Over, the centrepiece of Barbados culture, raved about being in T&T for the CK9 & getting ready for the Soca music to take over the world. It's about time. Hey ... I'm so with u on that my man, cause that's a long-time coming!

Voted nicest guy on the Temperature 2 block that night had to be MR. VEGAS. A consummate performer with consummate manners ..... oh gosh, he was a sweetie pie. This new & improved reinvented Jamaican dancehall star, 'wined' and wooed us with his dapper, well suited up, delivery on & off stage. A proper gentleman sporting new braces, which will be working on his winningest smile for 2009. With all that said and done, his performance was ying & yang'd with his featured blond maned dancer with skills of a force to be reckoned with. She could have been the Caribbean dancehall power representative in NBC's hit series "HEROs" with her twisting, bending & flexing abilities (see photo). Lucky gal ... de boyfriend(s) even luckier! smile

But the highlight of the night had to be, my being in the media pit taking some of the most up close & personal shots as The Asylum Monarchy & Band performed. Heat in de place! Cass, our busy resident 10 jobs camera kat, caught some amazing moments on film, of the crowd surfing & tsunami-ing to main stage orders from International Soca Monarch reigning King Bunji Garlin & his glowing reigning Road March Queen Fay-Ann Lyons with their future heir in tummy tow. This Kaiso royalty couple (why do I keep visualizing Beyonce & Jay-Z) took to the stage that had the crowd participation in full effect. By the time the people's artiste, Bunji, controlled the people with his performance and led his wife into hers, Fay-Ann just wanted everyone to know, that even though people are doubting her ability to perform well these days, she would like the Marish and the Parish to know that "She's not sick, She's pregnant!" Let the record reflect.

Temperature 3 is bound to cause Global Warming!

Nadine for the TJJ fam