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TRIBE Mas 2010 Band Launch ... "The Secret Of Silk" Part II
Date: Saturday 25th July 2009
Location: Pier 1. Chaguaramas, Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: TRIBE Carnival

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So we went TRIBE launch. Do I even need to do this review??!! “We sell an experience ... your costume is complimentary.” I got one hell of an experience at their band launching. Now I’m not much of a carnival man ... walking around town in the hot sun isn't that cool to me, but TRIBE has caused me to think differently.

Firstly, you know your event must be good when the President is in the sauce. Secondly, at 9 o’clock when most parties empty you can look outside from Pier 1 and see traffic in Chagauramas which is just a portion of probably 5,000 people entering the place. I guess when you big, you large. If you going for the girls ... pssssshh, trust me there were many! If you were going for entertainment ... there was Patrice Roberts, Farmer Nappy, Umi Marcano and Zan repping the HD click. If you were going to look at what carnival costumes you want to jump up in, it was there too. But most importantly, if you wanted the ULTIMATE CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE and the caps were necessary, you definitely got it!

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Photos By Jonathan Mark© & Yohann G.
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There is roughly 13 sections, all ladies friendly, and it comes in the majestic theme of “The Secret of Silk”. So people wore the jerseys, “Got Silk?” and boy if you decide to get any you would be the happiest person in Carnival. So let’s look deeper in TRIBE. Their goal is to develop carnival worldwide and since 2004 they have been pioneering the industry with new features such as mobile security towers and a mobile dance float. Basically in the launch it had sexy models, bess costumes, wonderful music, excellent venue with parking (*smile*) live performances, free drinks, a lot of girls ... and yes ladies, guys too! As a matter of fact, let me tell you, TRIBE tickets basically sold out and there was still a huge demand for more. Jonathan Mark© says TRIBE is definitely on top of the Carnival scene, and you can’t go wrong in any way signing up with them.

As a matter of fact J2M endorses TRIBE as much as I endorse myself. Thank you TRIBE for inviting TJJ once again, and we hope to keep seeing you raising the bar on how carnival operates, not just in Trinidad but internationally. From your existence, you have been on point and the world can see it now. Also people watch ... registration for "The Secret of Silk" will start within the next 3 weeks. Even if you are living abroad, organize your costume one time! Don’t procrastinate; Don’t stick because allyuh know TRIBE band will sell off!!

You can check them at #20 Rosalino Street Woodbrook, but if you shy you can still call at 1-868-625-6800/1-868-624-2245. And if you shyer, you can email at You understand ... they official. Matter of fact, why I even bother to write this? Watch the photos, that’s all I need to say. I’m outs.


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