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TRIBE Carnival Thursday 2009 "Ignite"
Date: Thursday 19th February 2009
Location: Jenny's Car Park. Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad
Promotions: TRIBE
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Fete after fete after fete, off d heels of one of the swankiest parties (Beach House) in Central Trinidad, it was on to another at Jenny's Car Park (West Side) for TRIBE Ignite. Just walking up the Boulevard, you could tell it was another sold out event from the masses that lined the streets. If 'Ignite' is the game, the flames were surely raging!! When TJJ TV got there, Kes The Band was doing their thing - accompanied by two of the most alluring dancers, Mandisa and Company. And you know when TJJ TV reach, d madness start!! Our question of the day was, "At Carnival time, is it okay for your boss to wine on you?" smile Of course, this question was posed to the ladies. We got answers like, 'If we getting a raise yeah" ... "Depends on how hot d employer is" ... and "We doh wine with no big belly man" one said.

Taking a walk through the crowd ah could tell body painting was a big thing this season. Now, that aint no excuse not to go to d gym ... please doh spray on ah six pack and feel you in d mix! smile Hitting back stage, who we go bounce up but d Jepp Sting man himself Hunter, who explained to us how he got the idea for the song. "Simple as it is, just driving down the road one day tapping on the door ... Jepp Sting Naina in She Behind Na", he shares with us. I tell you, you never know when a creative moment will come about. "Jepp Sting Naina" is one of the biggest tunes for the season, and still the #1 Most Viewed Video on TJJ TV.

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Photos By Ram Dass & Alicia G.B.
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Trevor Davis of Hot 96.Co.Uk out of London took the mic and did an interview with d Fire Man, Bunji Garlin for TJJ TV. Now this was on the 19th February. Even then, Bunji was saying he was just going out to have fun in Soca Monarch ... I guess he knew a full sweep was soon to come. (See Interview with Fay-Ann after winning Soca Monarch)

I tell you, a TRIBE event attracts people from both near and far. We met a dude from Stockholm, Sweden. He informed us there was a carnival scene building in Sweden, and they have also started a mini parade of the bands that's growing by leaps and bounds each year.

Stage side to the Asylum Band, Fay-Ann Lyons dressed in full denim with a pair of black Adidas was speaking to the Ignite crowd. First she addressed the right side, identifying all the independent ladies who don't depend on men for anything, who turn their own key, pay their own bills etc. Then she turned to the left, identifying all the Heavy T bumpers. Being the Soca Queen that she is, Fay-Ann then proceeded to send the masses into a frenzy singing the song ("Heavy T"). There was one particular fete-goer, who clearly had a Heavy T Bumper, that held on to the fence demonstrating what a Heavy T bumper can do!

The "Hangover" man Slammer Cutter hit the stage after the Asylum, and then made way for KMC and the Red, White & Black. During that intermission, you know your boy had to make his way through d crowd to capture the beautiful ladies gyrating to sweet soca music being played by some of the Caribbean top DJ's.

Heading back stage side, KMC and Diamond Cut were delivering the 2009 hits like "Am Not Drunk", "Living Water", and "Yeast" on the Fix It Up Riddim. Squeezy Ranking later came on stage with Red White & Black. Now Ranking really says he performs for the adults. Well I saw it first hand ... raw & uncut, but I guess it's just like liming with d boys ... No kiddies allowed!! KMC then brought some up and coming artistes on stage to do their thing. He also invited members of the crowd to sing his runaway hit "Am Not Drunk" with the him. The fete ended with people moving to the sounds of one of Trinidad's best riddim sections.

So if you looking for a fete on Carnival Thursday, TRIBE Ignite is the place to be!

On d ball for TJJ,
Cass S. signing out

P.S. Look out for TRIBE Ignite coverage coming soon on TJJ TV

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