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TRIBE "Birds Of A Feather"
Carnival Tuesday 2009 Pt. 3

Date: Tuesday 24th February 2009
Promotions: TRIBE Carnival
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"TRIBE name Bacchanal, dey call we Bacchanal"

Oh Gosh, dat is still playing over & over in my head! Okay, rewind! It's Carnival Monday, we just came from J'ouvert, we have just enough time to wash off the cocoa, paint, mud and whatever else they put on our bodies. We transformed into beautiful caged canaries and it was off to the streets again.

Now I have covered TRIBE as a TJJ photographer before, but this year, my crew and I decided to play mas. So we were 3 TRIBE virgins getting the full TRIBE experience for the very first time (shocking, but true). The theme this year was "Birds of a Feather" and the costumes were simply spectacular. Beautifully made with feathers, beads, crystals and very little material ... hehe.

I have to commend TRIBE for their organizational skills, the whole experience was amazing ... from picking up our costumes all the way to the Last Lap. The security was tight and food & drinks were constantly flowing. Oh yeah, and the music was top notch with DJs like X-caliber (Dawg-E-Slaugher alongside Walshy Fire of Black Chiney ... large up everytime), Radioactive (Hypa Hoppa), Back to Basics, D'Bandit and Sprang Int'l all causing ruckus throughout the streets of Port-of-Spain.

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Photos By Andre C.Q, Crystal W, Peter C.Q & Natasha Mc.
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We found ourselves following Truck #4 (Bandit, B2B and Hoppie's music truck) and Truck #5 (X-caliber) for the most part of Monday and Tuesday. Those guys really know how to hype up a crowd because it was pure bacchanal in de street! If Hoppie didn't shut off their music on Tuesday, masqueraders would have skipped their lunch break ... no joke! "TRIBE name Bacchanal... " Oh geez, there I go again!! Hoppie and Ricardo (B2B) had us chanting that over and over ... whole day! It was pure wildness. Oh and did I mention that the "Queen of Bacchanal" Destra jumped on one of the trucks at some point and started singing "Bacchanal" live. If you see people going mad!! I think our crew may have had an outta body experience right then.

Besides Destra, we spotted a few other TRIBE regulars, such as Uncle Max (T&T President, George Maxwell Richards), Kees Dieffenthaller (Kes the Band) & model/producer Teri-Leigh Bovell. Nadia (Batson) we saw you letting everyone know that bumpers do in fact rule ("Bumpers Rule"). And T&T international football star & Soca Warrior Dwight Yorke and famed cricketer Brian Charles Lara appeared to be loving the 'Ultimate Carnival Experience'.

After a fun time feting on de streets of P.O.S Carnival Monday & Tuesday, we went to Jenny's Car Park for Last Lap. This was a perfect ending to a perfect carnival because NO ONE was ready to go home yet. TRIBE ... definitely do the Las Lap session for your masqueraders again next year! Our feet were almost failing us at this point but we weren't going to let that stop us... we sucked it up and took our last jump up for the season. Now if I can only find a strong man to carry me to the car.

See you guys in C2k10!

Still suffering from the aches & pains of another great Carnival,
L Boogie for the TJJ fam

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