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Vintage Meets Soca '09
Date: Saturday 18th April 2009
Location: Jamaica Pegasus Poolside. Kingston, Jamaica
Promotions: The Jamaica Pegasus
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Soca meets Jamaican Vintage

What would Carnival be without a poolside party for the, shall we say more ‘sophisticated’ partygoer, and Carnival in Jamaica was to be no different. The Jamaica Pegasus Poolside would the be the venue once again for their annual Vintage Meets Soca (VmS) event, and lucky for us, The Pegasus was also base camp for Team TJJ.

The one constant over the years for this event has always been a performance by Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, however, with the recent passing of Byron Lee (Nov'08) they are now called Byron Lee’s Dragonaires and are still the main stay of the show.

Thanks to warm hospitality of the Jamaica Tourism Board & The Pegasus, TJJ and the rest of the media contingent were special invited guests to VmS, so we gathered outside the hotel around 8PM and made our way down to the pool area which was by now transformed into a performance venue respite with tents and stage.

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Photos By Lia H.

Merritones Disco provided the music for the early part of the night as the crowd slowly but surely made their way in. The atmosphere was very social as patrons gathered by the bars or seeked out food on sale. The socialism quickly made way for dancing and merriment, as the acts on the bill took the stage to liven up the night ... nothing like a live performance. The lineup included Pam Hall, Jomo fresh from Trinidad, the one and only Lovindeer. There was no doubt that everyone came to see the headliner of the night, Byron Lee’s Dragonaires, and they didn’t disappoint with a string of hits, old and new.

A good time was had by all, and it goes to show that there is something for everyone at Carnival time.

Party McFly

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