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A Night Out Socializing -
St. Lucia Carnival Welcome Party

Date: Thursday 16th July 2009
Location: Jungle Café/Pulse. St. Lucia, W.I.

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St. Lucia ... TJJ Reach!

Captain's Log: 4:30pm - Piarco International Airport, Trinidad. I checked in and boarded a fully booked flight at 5.10pm. I wonder if this mixed ethnicity of people all heading to St Lucia? And guess what? The flight is going to London

Mountains surrounding the valley, as the natural vegetation amplified it surroundings, it was an easy touch down on the runway at Hewanorra Airport. Welcome to St Lucia! Nice and easy as the journey began. We drove through the mountains for a good minute before making our first stop at the mas camp to meet the entire Toxik team. Grabbing a bite and taking a fresh was next on the agenda.

Fast forward ... 1am, and its time to socialize. First stop, Jungle Café. Simple street vibes with a touch of exclusivity inside. On the streets, everyone chatted and sipped on Piton (the Carib of St. Lucia) and Guinness. On the inside, a wooden structure with two bars.

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Photos By Yohann G.

Music pumped as 768 played soca as the words of Alpha's groovy soca track "Cyah Wait" gave the crowd (and even myself) a feeling that St. Lucia Carnival 2009 was here! So it was time to take a flex, and by 2am, the DJ called last tune. Fortunately the night was not over yet, as Lucian's love to club hop!

Next stop .... just around the corner, Pulse. It reminded me of the Attic in Trini, and it was the place to go. An entry fee of $40 EC to get in and premium drinks all inclusive (better than Trini). Things different here, as everyone eventually reaches the same place ... so the entire crowd from Jungle made their way. One, two, three, and four people filtered in as the place started to get pack. Outside was an open area with seating, and the inside enclosed with darkness. Party swinging and and tings nice.

By the time I checked, it's 5am and party still going strong. But TJJ was out, as it's an early day tomorrow. Yes Lucia massive .... TJJ touch down again! One man, two cameras and lots of dedication for Carnival!

From Lucia Carnival 2K9,
D'Young Juice