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4th Digicel ODI - W.I. vs England
Date: Sunday 29th March 2009
Location: Kensington Oval. Bridgetown, Barbados
Promotions: Digicel
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Rain, Rain Go Away!

Sunday was a fantastic end to the weekend, well ... some what ... England beat the West Indies by 9 wickets!!! Despite that, Power X 4 really lived up to its name, and brought to Barbados a great lime.

After a sleepless night (as I was partying it up at the pre game fete), I was outside of the Oval at 7:30 AM. Red eyes covered by sunglasses with camera in tow, I was liming with a few friends a bit skeptical about the outcome of the day as it was raining cats and dogs! Thankfully, the Gods listened to our pleas and the rain held up and by 9:00 AM.

The line to enter the Party Stand was ridiculous. As the game started the crowd was completely engrossed, the drinks were flowing and amidst the crowd all you could see was Digicel blow up game memorabilia and horns. We Caribbean people really take our cricket seriously but when things started turning a bit brown, we all started turning to our other brown friends: Johnny Walker and Mount Gay! smile

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Photos By Shakéela B
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The Party Stand was indeed a party!!! The guys really had their day's worth of eye candy, the Power X 4 girls were out in full force decked down in body paint and both the Digicel and King Island Queen girls made appearances. We girls had some interesting eye candy of our own: The Fooperman crew and the Lix Like Peas crew ... Sexy! smile

The Nikon was out and I was snapping left right and centre ... AND THEN the rain started falling again. So my dear Jungle Juicers, I sincerely apologise that I didn't get any pics of the wet fete, but take my word for it ... it was action! When in Barbados, Power X 4 events are a must. Thanks Chetwin for pulling off, yet again, another fantastic party!

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