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du Maurier One Fete 2009 All Inclusive
Date: Saturday 17th January 2009
Location: Queen's Park Oval. St. Clair, Trinidad
Promotions: West Indian Tobacco (WITCO), Ultimate Events
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"Oh lorrrrrrrrrrrd ... Carnival come again ... oh lorrrrrd Jungle Juice in One Fete again!" Benjai sing de chune ... "Drunk Again"

One of the most anticipated fetes for the season had finally come. Patrons from all over each, and every year, try their best to get these "Du Maurier One fete" tickets, as this is one of the greatest fetes to look forward to for the season. It's actually the 1st major fete attended for the season for those Carnival veterans.

Alright, the thing start around six in the evening. Alexander Street block up but ample parking is available at King George V park. TJJ on the scene as usual, but this time we started tings off a lil' different. From the outside, Daddy Juice (Dre) is on the mic welcoming the universe to the event while D Young Juice busy snapping anything (i.e. hot swanky ladies) that pass!

On the inside, bars and food from a distance, the decor red and white ideally representing "One". The stage straight ahead as KES The Band with the lovely Nadia Natson were performing giving us his big hit for 2Kwine "Thunder". The ladies love de red man so is jammin' and winnin' in front the stage for so. On the other side of things, TJJ TV in the back (and we mean the back) covering everything from the tasty "Suckling Pig" to interviewing all the artists backstage ... Benjai, Iwer, Zan, Shal Marhsall, Nadia Batson .... heh, TJJ TV is a V.I.P TV!

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Photos By Yohann G. and Andre CQ
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So we all over the fete, and next stop we in the "Buckingham Palace" located North of the venue, which was actually a V.V.I.P area. Here, guests were enjoying the nice treatment as the sexy du Maurier ladies were serving various drinks and eats. To make this area more exclusive, a section was designated for the Ministers, Senators and specially invited guest - we even catch a quick glimpse at Brian Lara and Russell Latapy!

We on the move again and this time we checking out the various cuisines - from Chinese (Char Sui and Roast Pork and Chicken), Jerk (Fish, Pork and Kebabs), Arabian (Gyros), Curry (Crab & Dumplin), Creole (Stew Meat), to the regulars like Corn Soup, Bake & Shark and Doubles. Drinks ranged from cocktails by Angostura and Absolut, to beers, Scotch and Rum. The "ONE" fete is WE FETE!

Enough with stuffing we face, time to take in the entertainment going on stage side. The fire man Bunji Garlin and The Asylum were on the stage singing songs like "Plenty Gyal", "Banana", to "Line Up (Bump and Grind)" ... performance for so! Fay-ann Lyons then gave us a taste of 2Kwine with her ever so popular hit "Heavy T" and also let the Oval crowd know that's she pregnant, not sick as she sang latest release "Meet Super Blue". By the way ... Fay-Ann, TJJ wants to know what you mean by "Silver Surfer meets Fireman?"

Moving along ... Edwin Yearwood, and the man of the hour Benjai, who mash up with "Drunk Again", "Whole Day" and bringing back memories with ole hits like "By The Bar". Wheyyy ... vibes for so!! Hitting the stage after The Asylum family was chutney sensation Hunter, giving we a little sting of the "Jep Sting", even giving us the explicit lyrics to the song "Jep Sting Naina in she v****a!!" Hunter you ENT easy!

The time has finally reached for the "ONE" and only King of Soca and his band to grace the stage. YES allyuh know who we talking bout. Mr. Machel Montano and the HD band, "Blazing The Trail" on stage with the new hits "Raving", "Feel Nas" and even the makeover of "Out On The Road" with Zan.

Once it's the HD crew, every year somebody new is recruited as this year it was Synergy Soca Star 2 Umi Marcano with his song (ft Machel) "Block To Block". Of course the female voice of HD's Patrice Roberts mashed up the place this year again with "Looking Hot" and "Sway In D Mas". Adding to the excitement and to everyone's disbelief, entering the stage again was Benjai making it known that there is no war between him and the HD family as he say "Amnesty" with Machel.

So is 1:00 AM, the party ready to close off. The rhythm section start a vibes and while TJJ was catching some last minute photos, drinks and food of course ... ya know we hadda swing back for that Suckling Pig! All was good for the "ONE FETE ... WE FETE", and must give thanks to Du Maurier and Ultimate Events for putting together another exceptional event.

TJJ viewer's doh forget to check out the exclusive video on TJJ TV for this event.

Signing Out for 2Kwine,
d' Young Juice

p.s. The London guards had such a ball in de fete, they left Buckingham palace unsecured, yes!