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West Palm Beach Carnival 2009
Date: Saturday 20th June 2009
Venue: West Palm Beach. Florida, FL
Promoters: Palm Beach Multicultural Organization
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Trini Jungle Juice on the scene in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida at the South Florida Fair Grounds...

This is West Palm Beach 2nd carnival in celebrating Caribbean culture with a parade of costumes, vendors, and live entertainment. But more importantly, the reason for this celebration is to benefit the Palm Beach School of Autism.

While strolling I was able to listen the lovely sounds of JUNK-A-NOO. A shout out to the Bahamas! Bands paraded and steel pan (Lauderhill Steel Ensemble) harmonized and synchronized to notes of Soca.

As the evening progress, the local talent kicked off the performances. South Stars Tassa Group... you guys were awesome! But, the WPB carnival-goers were anxiously anticipating the Roy Cape All Stars featuring lead singers Blaxx, Rita Jones and Olatunji. The likes of Oscar B and TnT's chutney star, Adesh Samaroo made their guest appearances with Roy Cape.

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Photos By Trisha D.
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The crowd was jumping, wining and blazing with sweat from the hot sun.

TJJ sends a big-up to Natural Mystic Sound, Caribbean USA, the West Palm Beach Carnival Association, and let's not forget who brings life to the carnival ... our masqueraders.

See you next year in 2010.