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Yorke All Inclusive 2009
Date: Sunday 1st February 2009
Location: UWI Grounds. St. Augustine, Trinidad
Promotions: Yorke Inc., Kreative Concepts and FB Promotions

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Boop, boop, boop ...... is all I can say. Yorke and Company fete was the bomb. Ah wine, ah sweat, and the weave in meh head n' all drop with all the sprinkles of blessings from above ... BUT I didn't care!

I came in greeted by the sounds of the rhythm section banging away getting yuh in the chipping mode; hyping meh up nah. But some people opted to sit comfortably nibbling on their food. Besides that, one of my first impressions were that the ladies came out to kill that night!! Wow ... they had the hottest trends, the highest heels (even though later some of them were bare foot); and the fellas.. well, I've never seen so many alligator squares tip shoes all in one place.

Making my way to the courtyard, I could see that the party was going to be ram. Entertainment had not yet begun, but the crowd was making their statement. So, as I was saying the party was ram, all kind of bumpers, Heavy T’s, flats, square you name it ... they had it, and food galore.

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Photos By Alicia G.B & Yohann G.
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Shurwayne Winchester and Y.O.U. were the first set of performers and they gave a magnificent set. The newest addition to the band, Shawn "Da Ma$tamind" Noel, sang big 2k9 hit "Rum & Roti".

Next came the band Caribbean Traffik Jam. Now between the end of Y.O.U.'s performance and the little intermission, there was a little scuffle. Now ladies, if yuh come to a party manless that is your purgative. But if yuh brave enough to go and wine on a next woman man knowing fully well she is right there, yuh looking for trouble!! (Just for the record people, she get she ass cut badly - she never had a chance).

So Traffik lined up the stage and also gave a dynamic performance, but when Mr. Neil Iwer George and the King of Swag T.C. came onto the stage, all madness breakout. Water flinging in the air, man wining on yuh.... all you could do is just take it! smile It was pure madness, sweet madness.

"Miss I name Bacchanal" Destra & her band ..... again madness. To me, it seems that Destra well know how to wine now. People, I am only quoting ... so she say ... she breakaway! Baby girl, do your ting!! She was joined on stage with two other very popular wining women Bajan Soca Queen Alison Hinds and Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon to perform "Obsessive Winers (Cyah Wine Like We)". Obviously explaining to the crowd how to wine.. and some well didn't need any lessons. Destra was unable to finish her performance due to time, but she ended with a bang nevertheless.

Now people, yuh know Lece does have to give a little advice sometimes. Not because we are at an All-Inclusive fete it means that we must vaccum everything in sight. Noooooooo, it had real things to eat and drink. So when you in a line waiting to eat some food and yuh hearing “this line moving real slow boy” or “but yuh go eat everything” or even “that is all you giving me, I pay for this yuh know”. No is not so. Class people, class. Tsk Tsk ... Trini's eh!

Remember for Carnival 2k9 stay safe, have your designated driver and if yuh didn't go to the party with yuh own man, please leave the people and them alone!

Lece for the Jungle Juice family