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3Canal Jam-It! Media Launch
Date: Tuesday 19th January 2010
Location: Alice Yard. Trinidad, W.I.
Promotions: 3Canal

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3 Canal invited us to experiance a glimpse of the post-emancipation Jamet carnival and canboulay that was born in the backyards,back-a-yards,and gayelles,an unstoppable celebration of ....


2010 heralds the dawn of another turn of the cycle, another chance to give thanks praise, another opportunity to boom up history once again and connect to the root of the vibe of the ritual celebration of freedom and expression that is Jouvay/canboulay.

Right now there is an impending dread,a fear of something brewing, something bubbling just beneath the surface, just waiting to bus; to erupt, to explode, to happen... >> READ MORE

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