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Photos By Felicia F.
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Barbados On The Water
Date: Friday 29th May 2010
Location: Harbourfront Centre. Toronto, Canada
Promotions: Barbados Tourism Authority
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Barbados On The Water was a authentic celebration of the stunning island nation and the unique beauty of Barbadian Culture. It was put together by the Barbados Tourism Authority and the Consulate General of Barbados. It was held in the heart of Toronto’s waterfront, Harbourfront Centre.

The weather could not have been more perfect for this three day event which featured the best Barbados had to offer.

The festival had something for everyone young and old. It was a true family affair. There was tasty cuisine, steel pan drumming workshops, literary events, information seminars and the fabulous haute couture fashion by top Barbadian designers. For the kids there was storytelling, costume making and face-painting and of course the large open space for them to ... >> READ MORE