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Photos By TJJ Photography Team
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Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2010 Extras
Date: February 2010
Location: Port-Of-Spain. Trinidad, W.I.
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Well its about that time ... the end of Trinidad Carnival ... 2010! It was explosive! It was exciting! We are sure that everyone who was out on the road really Palanced! They had No Behaviour and we really did not tell any lies when we told you guys that this was going to be a Mad Carnival!

We still think that two days of jumping up on the streets of Port-Of-Spain is not enough! We want an Ash Thursday! What about the stage eh? My God ... are we really going to be crossing the road for more years to come? We are really fed up of mas on ground now!

The TJJ Team was in force this year - Daddy Juice, D'Local Juice, Young Juice, Jokey Juice, Red Sno Cone Juice, Scorn Juice, Jonathan Mark©, Ray L., Nicholas B., Jeni I. and Diva Desha - we will like to thank everyone for the continuous love! We sure as hell love you guys!

So where next? Huh? Jamaica Carnival 2010 ... Cayman Islands Carnival 2010 ... Berlin Carnival 2010 ... and MANY MORE for 2010 ... TJJ will be there ... where will you be??
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