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Photos By Peter Choo Quan
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Inter-School Dragon Boat Regatta
Date: Sunday 29th March 2010
Location: Anchorage Bay. Trinidad, W.I.
Promotions: High Sierra Sporting Co. Ltd
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The Inter-School Dragon Boat Regatta is on once again, and TJJ has been specially invited to cover the competition for the second time around. Now it’s not the usual party type event that we are used to covering, but hey we versatile and game for anything. So Dragon Boat Regatta here we come!

We arrived down at the sunny peninsular of Chaguaramas around 10 AM ready to see the revelry, hard teamwork and healthy competition that this sport entails. Most of the participants are secondary school girls and boys, and then there are the Alumni competitors who have their own category in which they compete.

During the course of our stay, we watched teams battle in heat after heat, all trying to secure a position in the finals by setting top times. While that battle took place on the waters, teams and supporters on land ... >> READ MORE

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