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Photos By Beth B., Shayne W. & Amiel B.
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Luton Carnival Parade 2010
Date: Monday 31st May 2010
Location: Wardown Park. Luton, United Kingdom
Promotions: Luton Cultural Services Trust's Arts Development and UKCCA
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Last year we said we'd back and here we are!!!  We also told you Luton Carnival was growing in size every year and this year proved our point!!!! The more we explore the more Europe seems to be packed with pockets of great little carnivals in nearly every city or town throughout the year, but yet Luton remains Britain’s biggest one-day Carnival. (Luton, Bedfordshire is within travelling distance from London and comes with excellent round the clock transport links so no excuse!)

The roots of Luton carnival lie not just in the Caribbean but this one day carnival is also heavily associated with Brazil, Asia, Africa and most importantly the local community. This year they have come back with more bands, more money raised and more people to entertain. UKCCA (UK Centre for Carnival Arts) seemed so ... >> READ MORE

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