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Photos By Lia H., Peter & Andre Choo Quan
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'On The Rock' 2010 Extras
Date: 2nd-12th April 2010
Location: Jamaica, W.I.
Promotions: Various
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Yes gentle peoples, TJJ is back 'On The Rock' ... JAMROCK that is!! ... for yet another Bacchanal Jamaica experience!!

Touching down Easter Weekend at Norman Manley International Airport, it was straight movements to Ocho Rios to get our JA Carnival 2010 started off on the right foot with Beach J'Ouvert. And what better way to get right into the mix, that to lime with the Bacchanal Jamaica crew at the Hibiscus Lodge Hotel. Let's sum up the weekend like this... nonstop liming & drinking (drinks carrrr dunn) at the poolside from the minute we checked in to the minute we left! Of course, we had to take a dip in the clear Ochee waters, and grab a bag full of Pomerac (in JA they call it Otaheite Apple or Malay Apple) before heading back to Kingston town.

In New Kingston, The Courtleigh Hotel & Suites and Knutsford Court Hotel made our stay most accommodating and comfortable. We enjoyed Red Peas Soup, Parmesan Seared Snapper, Cornflakes Frosted Chicken and the specially prepared "Knutsford Jack Royal" (a cheese cake infused with jackfruit) for our Media Group Dinner on the Thursday (April 8th) evening at The Melting Pot Restaurant & Lounge (Knutsford Court Hotel). Again, compliments to the Chef! And before we could bat our eyes, we were poolside enjoying Signature Burger Platters featuring a choice of pork, chicken, beef or fish sliders at Knutsford's "Burger & Brew Fridays". Did someone say a FREE Red Stripe Brew with our burgers??!! Special thanks to Sales Manager Celia and Senior Operations Manager Sheldon for your hospitality.

Outside of our intense Carnival schedule, we did manage to enjoy some of the other rich spoils Jamaica has to offer (thanks to the Jamaica Tourist Board). We visited National Heritage Site, Devon House, eat some patties (the fish patty was good) and stopped at the popular "I Scream" parlor to sample from the 20+ flavors of ice cream to choose from. On Friday (April 9th), we rose to 2,300 metres (7,500 ft) as we visited the UCC Blue Mountain Coffee Craighton Estate in St. Andrew, where the world's most distinguished and delicious coffee; Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is grown. Some coffee tasting and a quick (well, not so quick) trek to the very top of the estate with our tour guide Junior, and we were on our way to one of the best small luxury hotels in Jamaica - Strawberry Hill (also located in the Blue Mountains). Quick fact - This hotel & spa is owned by Chris Blackwell, founder of the much-reputed Island Records label, which launched the legendary career of Reggae icon Bob Marley.

Well, besides running down Pan Chicken with hard dough bread for our entire stay (oh, if staying in New Kingston, grab some chicken, pork, lamb and/or fish at Sweetwood Jerk Joint - everything is slow cooked), most certainly one of the highlights for the trip was our visit to Hellshire, a very popular beach that is known for its fish and festivals. And Aunt May's definitely let us know with her fresh catch garlic lobster and fried parrot fish served with festival and bammy (add some pickled pepper)!! Raquel & Sonny... cheers for taking us! Boy oh boy folks... for the record, if you're ever in Jamaica (and not allergic to seafood), do not cross GO, do not collect $200... GO STRAIGHT TO HELLSHIRE!

Talking about all of this food have meh mouth watering!!

Already planning my next trip to Jamaica,
Chooks aka Daddy Juice

ps. Grab some sugarcane from any roadside vendor to chew on while touring the island!

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