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Grenada Spice Mas 2010 Extras
Date: August 5th - 10th 2010
Location: Grenada, W.I.
Promotions: Various
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Fresh out of Crop Over, Spice Mas was calling our name! And ironically, a few days after leaving Bim, Frenchie (flying from Martinique) and I (flying from St. Maarten) linked back up in Barbados en route to Grenada on the Carnival Friday. After some serious delays in Antigua waiting on Liat’s CEO and accompanying big wigs, also heading to Grenada to put out some fires of their own, we touched down in the Spice Isle in the afternoon. As for d’ local Juice, he was dealing with his own Liat’s stories having to fly back to Trini to sort out some mechanical problems... gotta love Liat!

Soon after checking into Grand Beach Resort, we got the call from our boy (TF) to link up at Garfield's Beach Bar (which was located right in front of the resort on Grand Anse Beach) to get the lime started. With Carib (in a darker bottle than we have in Trinidad... apparently it makes it taste better) in hand, we immediately felt the ... >> READ MORE

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