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Photos By Anna L.
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Copenhagen Carnival 2011
Date: Friday 10th to Sunday 12th June 2011
Fælledparken, Copenhagen. Denmark

Fonden Copenhagen Carnival
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If you want to experience Copenhagen when its best, come during C A R N I V A L. The vibes starts the week before with our annual Distortion, a 5 day free street festival, 155 parties in every part of the city with dj's playing house, dance, reggae, dancehall, old dub, rnb, hiphop - you name it. People were in the streets from afternoon till midnight, enjoying themselves with drinks and beers, dancing, laughing, skipping  (yes we skipped with random people till our feet were black), blocking the streets so that no cars could pass. Every day the crowd growed bigger and bigger and got more and more intense as the sun went down. When the party ended we couldn't leave the streets because we were having A TIME. Most of these parties are free and just around your block if not on your block, which makes it easy to participate for every ... >> READ MORE

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