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Photos By Amiel Barrimond
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Miami-Broward One Carnival 2011 Part 7
Date: Sunday 9th October 2011
Location: Sun Life Stadium. Miami, Florida
Promotions: Miami-Broward One Host Committee

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Miami carnival, officially tagged the “last lap” of the carnival season is held during the second weekend of October each year. The beauty of this carnival is that it allows you to wuk up and move your waistline to all the great soca & calypso music from the Caribbean and summer carnival seasons (you get the best of everything!)

This year, over 20 bands competed for “band of the year” along with 6 steel pan orchestras to make it one of the largest Miami carnivals in history. So you have your pretty mas and sexy feather like costumes with head pieces and oh yeah standards ... Miami Carnival still promotes the usage of waving standards and big flags on poles ... why not eh!?

What else can you prop onto the stage and shake what your mother gave you for the judges ... envious people only stare in delight to be honest but then again, its carnival ... like C.N.N. says ...."Anything Goes"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... >> READ MORE

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