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Photos By Panidad
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Mas Camp Bar-B-Que Lime
Date: Saturday 11th June 2011
Location: Berlin, Deutschland
Promotions: Carnival Explosion Family

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You know when you have not eaten in a long time and you finally get to sit down and have a rrrridiculous meal? That you wonder: "is this THAT good? Or am I just reaaaal hungry?” well, that was Berlin Karnival 2K11 for me… I mean let’s get real… who thinks about wining, wukkin up, and Berlin in the same sentence? How do you say nobody in German? Keiner?!?

OK, so the usual TJJ Berlin Karnival crew (Scorn Juice & D1 Jam Masters) did not make it this time around, but regardless the Emerald Carnival crew treated Panidad like a local. Danke!

Thanks to a Trini friend that lives in Madrid, Spain (T.H.) I found about the mas camp and Lil' Rick’s concert. We missed ... >> READ MORE

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