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Photos By Sarita L.
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Scotiabank Caribana 2011 Media Launch
Date: Wednesday 25th May 2011
Toronto, Canada
Promotions: Scotiabank Caribana

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You know it’s that time of year again when steel pan and mas costumes become the centre of attention at a midweek media launch. This year there’s a slight twist to the mix as the name of Toronto’s largest festival has been changed.Representatives from various media houses in Toronto gathered for the unveiling of the new name for North America’s largest cultural festival, formerly known as Caribana. Toronto’s annual celebration of Caribbean culture has now been renamed the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto with promise of continued growth and festivities.

The festival now in its 44th year of existence has brought in over 1 million visitors to the city each year and has helped to shape the city’s culturally diverse nature while encouraging development of the arts. While some are not in favour of the new name, others say that it will have no impact on the fun and feteing. You know us Caribbean people can get on whether sun, rain or shine so the change in name will surely not change our island vibes.

Chris Alexander of the Festival Management Committee said it best- “We are really going to jump up this summer so get Ready!”. The season has come alive again- boat cruises, outdoor limes and countless soca fetes all leading up to the grand parade have begun. Get set, get ready Caribbean Carnival Toronto 2k11 has begun!