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Photos By Yohann G.
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3Canal ReEvolution Media Launch
Date: Friday 4th February 2011
Venue: 33 Murray St. Woodbrook. Trinidad, W.I.

Promoters: cut + clear productions

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3canal kicked off their 2011 Carnival Season in true Cut + Clear fashion

I don’t know how they find these nice, intimate venues with a rustic (yet cozy) atmosphere, but we found ourselves back in Woodbook (see last year coverage)... this year on Murray Street, for the launch of 3canal’s 2011 carnival season.

With cutters and an open bar (for media) on hand, we chill-laxed and socialized until it was showtime. Around 9:45pm, 3canal’s Wendell Manwarren welcomed everyone, letting us know that 3canal say “2011 is REevolution Time. Everything must change. Everything in a ... >> READ MORE

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