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Photos By Cass S.
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Central Athletic Club Media Launch
Date: Saturday 10th December 2011
Location: Central Athletic. Trinidad, W.I.
Promotions: Central Athletic Club

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Central Trinidad gets a Super Gym
Trinidad– The evolution of fitness has arrived and is destined to alter the local perception and approach to the concept of exercise in a colossal way. This change comes in the form of the revolutionary centre “Central Athletic Club” which promises to be more than just a gym but to be a new, dynamic, all encompassing fitness hub unlike anything Trinidad and Tobago or the Caribbean has ever seen.
Based at #6 Maraj Street, Montrose, Chaguanas, Central Athletic is the brainchild of businessman and fitness enthusiast Michael Nicholas. Nicholas is a native of central Trinidad and grew up in Canada. Upon returning to T&T a few years ago he embraced the gym lifestyle, admittedly due to the results of his love affair with local cuisine. Since then he has worked out in various facilities both locally and in North America and has now harnessed this range of exercising experiences to bring forth a world class athletic centre for the Trinbagonian market.

Nicholas shared “In developing Central Athletic I wanted to create a gym that encompasses ... >> READ MORE