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Photos By Yohann G.
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Digicel IMAX® Media Launch
Date: Thursday 25th August 2011
One Woodbrook Place. Trinidad, W.I.
Promotions: Digicel

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After numerous hindrances, it’s finally here… Digicel Imax® theatre is now officially open at One Woodbrook Place.

The cinema, located on the 1st floor of One Woodbrook Place, boasts a capacity of 364 seats and an impressive 70-foot x 40-foot screen. Trinidadians can now enjoy the finest cinema experience on the largest screen in the Caribbean. The premium quality even extends to the gourmet popcorn available in several international flavours.

The media was left in awe and wonder at the crystal-clear images, digital surround sound and immersive 3D. The cinema opened with Cowboys&Aliens; with plans to run early showings of Transformers enhanced 3D.

The Digicel IMAX® Theatre will ... >> READ MORE