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Photos By Yohann G.
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Patron Launch
Date: Thursday 29th September 2011
Location: Flair. Trinidad, W.I.
Promotions: AMCO
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Patron Launch! .... Yes! I was partying with the who’s who of local entertainment, sport, politics and business. We literally rubbed shoulders, fuss the place was packed. The drink of the hour was Patron, to be honest before Thursday I was not a fan of the drink. However, by the end of the night I became one, so much so I was craving one the next day. The list included Patron Perfect Margarita, Patron Passion, Patron Perfect Sunset, Patron xo Sombrero and Café Cabana.

Without doubt we had to taste all, in addition to getting drunk! I found a new ‘best favorite drink’……Patron Perfect Sunset.
As for venue, Flair the décor was of bourgeois standard, well accommodating to the massive turnout, with bars on the interior and exterior and friendly service providers.

My only regret was that was held a day before another work day (also the curfew..stueps!).

D' Party Maco