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Photos By Cass S. & Kris-Michael D.
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Red Bull Flutag Trinidad
Date: Sunday 3rd July 2011
Location: Williams Bay. Trinidad, W.I.
Promotions: Red Bull
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Sand, sea, blue skies and Redbull Flugtag!!! All the ingredients required for a true island party. For the first time ever, and very much anticipated, the event was held at Williams Bay, Chaguaramas, Trinidad. Approximately 20,000 patrons flocked to the event from as early as 5:00am to witness some odd 40 or so participants defy gravity and try to break the world record flugtag flying distance of 207 feet.

Despite the traffic, TJJ made it to the event in good time to witness the patrons having a time and the flugtags take their flight. At this point, only three words could be said ‘loooook at people!!!’
There were people on the shore, in the water, in boats, yachts, kayaks; as far as you could see. A carnival fete never drew such a crown down to the west. Even one of the premier party spots, and where the event participants were converged, Pier 1, was crowded.

As the competition progressed we saw flugtags of all dimensions, colours and sizes. We saw flugtags built the shape of women, teeth, birds, planes and the crowd’s favorite, a cobeu. The skits performed by the team ... >> READ MORE