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Photos By Cass S.
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2nd Annual Shashamane Sunrise
Benefit & Auction

Date: Sunday 21st August 2011
Hyatt Regency. Trinidad, W.I.
Promotions: Shashamane

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Fashion and Entertainment with a purpose … that was the mission of the night; and to enlighten the audience of the great work Shahamane Sunrise has been doing and continues to do. The 2nd annual Shashamane Sunrise (Trinidad & Tobago) Benefit and Auction was held at the Port of Spain Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency on 16-Aug-2011. Like, everything else Trini, the event started 30minutes late. However, once the stories were told, you couldn’t help but want to reach out and help these under-privileged children as well.

The foundation began back in 2005 when the founders, Dr. Rene Zazou Williamson and Markos Rose met each other in Ethiopia. They had both been visiting Africa to attend the 60th anniversary celebration of Bob Marley. While passing through one of the rural communities named Shashamane, a 12 year old boy approached them but instead of asking for money, he asked for a pen or pencil … surprised and inspired, these two men visited the young boy’s school and decided that they would help by assisting in giving some ... >> READ MORE