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BLISS The Band "Destination Bliss"
Tuesday 2012

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2012
Location: Port-Of-Spain. Trinidad, W.I.
Promotions: TRIBE/BLISS
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Carnival is Bliss! And it sure was in the “same vibe…different Tribe” Bliss band on the road for 2012. These folks did a great job of providing masqueraders with everything they could want for a fantastic road experience: music, gorgeous costumes, premium drinks, food, security, vibes…you wanted it, you got it!

Monday started on time and stayed that way both days! Bliss crossed the stage early Monday and Tuesday so we were then free to chip, wine and jam our way along the route for the remainder of the day; a route that did not include a pass through downtown POS. Narrow dirty streets, not for us!

For me, mas must have two things: vibes and convenience! Bliss provided both. Unlimited drinks? So said, so done! My cup was ... >> READ MORE

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